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What to Expect from a Long Distance Energy Healing Session with Debbie "Takara" Shelor

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What to Expect From A Seed of Divine Restoration Long Distance Energy Healing Session with Debbie "Takara" Shelor

Wow. I am always in awe of the number of people who come forward to receive the Seed of Divine Restoration. What an honor and a blessing to observe the transformation process as it is occurring and to be the facilitator of such a wonderous process. The delightful stories seem endless of the things that have shifted in a positive way for people from all over the world.

Because everyone is unique, the stories vary wildly, but here are the things that seem to be true across the board:

  • a greater level of clarity
  • much more joy and happiness
  • enhanced insight and understanding

After I plant the seed (an energy star) at the core level of a person through a long distance energy session, they go through an accelerated series of releasing and growth. What follows involves some of the stages and ways to assist to make the process gentle and fluid.

May these insights assist you as you continue your evolutionary journey.

The first week is primarily about clearing and releasing at the cellular, DNA, adamantine particle level.

Anytime you are clearing out blockages and releasing physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual toxicity, you would greatly benefit by:

  • Working with the Dancing Dolphin Essence Release (
  • Taking a cleansing bath to draw out the toxins. A good choice is epsom salts and baking soda. Soak for 20 minutes and then rinse off.
  • Drink plenty of pure water.
  • Rest whenever you feel tired.

If things surface - you become aware of something that was hidden until now - that is an old pattern, wound, relationship, feeling, that no longer serves you, then acknowledge the "pain," thank it for what it has taught you and helped you to become, breathe feeling it fully, and using the technologies in Magnificent U Online permanently heal and release it on all levels.

Occasionally an individual experienced physical discomfort as toxins and old physical wounds surface to be released.

The best pain relief (use this anytime) comes with aid from the angels. Just ask them to come and assist in healing the issue and removing the pain. Also, see the area bathed in healing green light and then ask to see or sense the color that would be most beneficial in calming down the discomfort. I usually see a milky mint green. Most people use some shade of turquois - from very green to very blue. See a sphere of that color surrounding and penetrating the area of discomfort. I used this technique a lot followed by golden light when I was correcting my vision to eventually no longer require glasses.

As the patterns are being rewoven and you are releasing the distortions to your Divine Blueprint, clarity begins to happen. Suddenly light is shown on an area of your life and you see it from an entirely new perspective. Often you realize that some one or some thing is not in harmony with you. Something doesn't feel good, or honoring, or beneficial. In those moments you get to set new boundaries. You say to yourself and the Universe that "This is what I require." And "This is no longer acceptable." It will switch. Instantly. The relationship will switch. The circumstance will change. I am still amazed when this happens. It is sort of an inner resolution that you come to and because it has become your new truth - on all levels of your being - it is almost instantly mirrored back to you in your external world. It has happened for me and I have watched it happen for numerous others going through the Seed process. It is a very exciting and magical process.

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