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Metaphysical Fundamentals


How do you know you are on your path? How do you know if you are following your inner guidance? How do you know if you are making a particular decision that it will be in alignment with attaining your goals or mission? Big important questions.
Lets lay down a few metaphysical fundamentals.

Of course, these are just my opinions and beliefs based on years of living life, years of studying ancient philosophies, years of observing others and how life works. Feel free to disagree with any or all of these fundamentals. Its your journey after all.

One of my basic philosophies is that you should learn all you can, keep what works for you, what empowers you, what gives you sound direction, and throw out the rest.
METAPHYSICAL FUNDAMENTAL NUMBER ONE: There is no ONE TRUTH. Every philosophy contains a seed of truth. And most philosophies have been tainted with the beliefs, fears, and judgments of the early teachers or practitioners. Take Christianity for example. The actual words spoken by Christ and the stories about his actions are great teachings. They show a way to live and BE that are Divine or Unconditional Love. Yet what is taught and practiced in many modern churches is a far cry from the original.
First you have a king in 300 something A.D. who decided that several of the books of the bible should be left out. He felt they were confusing and the bible needed to be made smaller. Much of the mystical teachings were removed as well as ALL references to reincarnation. This is documented fact!
Then there is the problem with translation. First you have a Greek translation from the original Hebrew. Then you have English translated from the Greek. Something wonderful in the original was lost in each translation. In some instances the translation is just flat out wrong. This is also documented fact! Anyway, you get the idea.
METAPHYSICAL FUNDAMENTAL NUMBER TWO: We are here to learn lessons. I believe we are all on a reincarnation path learning lessons. With each successive reincarnation we overcome a fear or belief that is out of alignment with Divine Love which is our essence. I use the words Divine Love because Unconditional Love from a conscious language point of view puts conditions on love. If we don't get that lesson we come back and repeat it.
Lessons, whether from this lifetime or previous ones, are learned by us setting up situations that create certain feelings within us. The idea is that we notice the feelings and review why we feel that way. If the feelings or beliefs are not from Divine Love, then we heal the feelings and move on to another lesson.
Unfortunately most of us are not quick studies. In fact, many of us just suck at this. We create scenario after scenario that leave us bashed and bruised. We don't heal and we go on and create a similar scenario again.
Relationships are a perfect example. How many of us go from one abusive relationship to another? Or how many people are constantly left by someone they love? It happens at work, in love relationships, and with friends. We are all dealing with three core fears which directly relate back to our relationship with Creator. I won't go into them here.
METAPHYSICAL FUNDAMENTAL NUMBER THREE: We chose this. Ouch. That one is very hard for some people to swallow. We chose our parents. We chose our circumstances. We chose our health. Etc., etc. We made agreements with people before we got here (before we were born) to interact with them in certain ways so that we could learn our lessons. Many people refer to these agreements as our "Contracts." These people agreed to help us set up the situations that would bring up the certain set of feelings within us that are necessary for us to review the feelings and heal the error in our beliefs. How we handle each situation is totally up to us. But, we agreed to be in the situation.
This is called taking responsibility. When I was first introduced to this idea I got very angry. Angry with myself. Why on earth would I choose the things I have experienced? Why would I choose rape? Or devastatingly painful relationship breakups? Or job restructuring? Or very strict parents? The list seemed endless. Why would I choose these things? Why would anyone in their right mind choose these things? Well, I learned alot. I started looking at what each one taught me and I was amazed. How many of the same feelings had I created within myself because of numerous very different scenarios? Finally, I was getting it. Of all my gifts, helping people see the patterns, understand the emotions, discover the underlying beliefs, and heal, is what I do best.
METAPHYSICAL FUNDAMENTAL NUMBER FOUR: We've all on the same path. Each path may look very different. The journey, the experiences, the beliefs we take on, the lessons we need to learn, may look very different. But the end result is the same. We are all coming back into complete union, complete harmony, with ourselves and with our Creator. We are becoming Divine Love, Complete Joy and Happiness, Lavish Abundance, Radiant Health, Eternal Youth and Peace. We are becoming what Creator is, because we are part of Creator and Creator is those things. The whole path is remembering we are not separate from Creator - we are part of Creator, we are Creator.
My husband puts it very simply. He says, "We are only here to do two things: to become our highest potential (what I described above) and to help other people." I think he is right. How we choose to help other people (our mission) and the journey we take to become our highest potential is up to us.
METAPHYSICAL FUNDAMENTAL NUMBER FIVE: The only things standing in our way of attaining every goal and desire we have are our limiting beliefs, fears, and judgments. When those are handled, everything is possible.
METAPHYSICAL FUNDAMENTAL NUMBER SIX: Lessons don't have to be hard or require drama to complete. Most people really don't get this one!
There are more metaphysical fundamentals of course, but these are the only ones necessary to complete the discussion I originally intended. When I sat down to write this article today, I had no idea I would be describing the fundamentals above. Creative inspiration is always very interesting.
So, back to the original question. "How do I know if I'm making the right decision to follow my path?" Well if you're doing it, it's part of your path. I know! Kind of a glib answer. Its the truth however.
I strongly believe in Fundamental Number Six. I've done "struggle" long enough. And so have you. When a scenario begins to present itself, evaluate it from several angles. Ask yourself, "Am I just setting myself up to feel the same feelings I felt when I had my last devastating experience?" Usually you can see it coming if you only look. If your answer is "Yes," then work to discover what beliefs and fears you hold related to those feelings. Sometimes you may need help from a coach or counselor to help with this. If you realize that you are setting yourself up once again to feel certain feelings, then you've just learned your lesson subtly and don't have to go through some horrible actual experience.
Learn to look at every little thing in your life as a mirror. When you understand mirrors the need for creating big bad circumstances to get lessons is all but eliminated. People and circumstances only present themselves to accomplish one of two things. They are either there to help you achieve some goal you have set or they are there to teach you a lesson. Often you can only achieve your goals if you learn your lessons - what a crazy world we've created!
I look at all of life as mirror. If we suddenly have a chicken in our yard I ask, "What is that about?" Many people might initially think that I overanalyze. However, I've learned to notice the very subtle signals and I rarely experience undesirable circumstances. When a small glitch like a car not working comes along, I don't get angry and off center. I simply ask what that's about. I often quickly get the answer. And miraculously the car usually begins to work again.
I'm not some extraordinary person with special powers. We all have access to the knowledge and subtle nature of the universe.
A friend recently said there were two schools of thought about how to achieve goals as they related to roadblocks being placed in the way. There were those who ascribed to "breaking through" the barriers. Not letting anything stop you no matter what. No matter how big the struggle. No matter how ugly the demon. No matter what kind of people you had to deal with, you should just plow through until you get what you want.
I say, "At what expense to your health, your emotions, your peace of mind?" That is definitely NOT my way. I ascribe to the method that says, "read every tiny sign and adhere to the direction and insight it provides." When faced with a decision point or a roadblock I always ask "Is this a lesson presenting itself so I can learn the lesson and attain the goal?" Or, is this the universe saying there is a better, more easy way somewhere else?"
Also, what does your heart say? When you absolutely know you are to do something, what signal do you get that tells you that? Its important to figure out the signals. I can read a book title and begin to cry. Well that's my inner guidance saying, "Buy the book now girl." Sometimes I "just know." Its a kind of sense of peace and self assuredness. There is no hesitation. Just a gut feeling you know you can trust. When I follow it, I NEVER experience anything I would perceive as negative.
Other people have totally different ways of recognizing their inner guidance. One of my early teachers, Stuart Wilde, tells a story of his publicity person setting up his tour. Stuart's "old" way of setting up his courses was to mail a million flyers, do a few free intro meetings, make sure several people were called, etc. He was soon to arrive in Seattle for his seminars there. He asked his publicist what she had done to set up for his arrival. She said, "Nothing really. Well I have you booked on a local television station." Stu freaked. But the publicist had followed her intuition and done the one right thing. Because of that one interview he had on Television, the seminar was filled with several hundred people.
Life can be that easy.

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