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Freeway to Freedom personal growth self help eBook by Takara
The Seed of Divine Restoration Long Distance Energy Healing Session
through Debbie "Takara" Shelor
Blast through your blocks and limitations with this powerful experience. When you are ready for things to radically change, this is the perfect choice.


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Peering Through the Veil: The Step by Step Guide to Meditation and Inner Peace
by Takara
An Amazon Bestseller! Reduce stress, gain clarity, enhance intuition, and much more!


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Dancing Dolphin Flower Essence, Gem Essences, Aromatherapy Roll-Ons, & Mists
Created by Takara
Dancing Dolphin Essences are alchemy for your personal evolution. Why feel stressed if you don't have to? When you feel one way and you would rather feel another, simply roll one on and feel the difference. Extremely high vibration energy healing elixirs for physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual wellbeing.


Freeway to Freedom personal growth self help eBook by Takara
Pendulum Dowsing with Takara's Unique Pendulum Designs
Enhance your intuition, clear negative energy, determine the right course of action, take the guesswork out of choosing the best health supplements and more.


BioElectric Shield for electromagnetic energy protection

The BioElectric Shield for Electromagnetic Radiation & Negative Energy Protection
Do you feel worn out at the end of the day? Do you feel exhausted after being around certain people? This is your answer! The perfect tool for those who spend time near computers, cell phones or negative people.  Great for energy healers. Electromagnetic protection. Protects and strengthens your energy field. Takara wears an all gold one every day.


Xooma Xtreme X2O water enhancement for better hydration

Get Healthy! Lose Weight! Xooma Xtreme X2O water enhancement. Hydrate, mineralize, alkalinize, and cleanse in one easy, effective, and affordable product. This is a foundational product for better health and wellbeing. Takara drinks at least one glass of water enhanced with this product every day. Its also a fast and healthy way to lose weight.



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Testimonials from DeLighted Customers, Clients, Workshop Attendees and Subscribers

I feel so honored to have been given this opportunity to provide energy healing tools, technologies, and wisdom that have made a positive difference for so many people around the world. I want to thank all the people who have taken the time to write and share their personal experiences - particularly those who have sent more than one. I welcome your comments as well.- Debbie "Takara" Shelor

FTC Regulations - the FTC recently made new rules saying that companies making sales on the internet can't use non-typcal testimonials to promote their products. They also must disclose that they will be earning money when you click a link.

With that in mind I need to say that what you will read below is a fairly exhaustive list of our feedback from customers. Everyone is different and I can't guarantee that your results will be exactly like those of the people you read about. I can, however, tell you that I've been selling Dancing Dolphin Essences and BioElectric Shields on line since 1998. In all that time, I've only had 1 Dancing Dolphin Essence return and 2 BioElectric Shield returns. One of those BioElectric Shield returns was actually a person who decided to upgrade to a custom shield instead of keep the basic model. So, I guess that means I've only actually had 1 BioElectric Shield return. The one Dancing Dolphin Essence return was years ago for the traditional elixir style. I've never had a return of a Dancing Dolphin Essence Aromatherapy Roll-On. That indicates to me that there is a high level of satisfaction with the products I offer.

Also, if you click any of the links below and make a purchase, I will earn money. It's how I support myself and my family and offer so much free information for web visitors worldwide.


"Takara's Essences of Sound are outstanding. We've used them in large groups of people and they really seem to assist in the frequency shifting experience, adding even more vitality and loving energy to the consciously encoded sounds we either listen to or create."
- Jonathan Goldman, Internationally renowned pioneer in Sound Healing

"LOVE the platinum! so dreamy and healing/ soothing...I have been working with the platinum ray in my energy work for about 6mos or so, divine balance of the solar and lunar, we so need right now." - Ishtara Freedom

"Hey Debbie.....I love your insightful way of putting things...with unconditional love...stepping back and looking at things with no judgment and straight from the heart. After reading this one I sent to both of my is married to a guy who is verbally abusive with the help of alcohol...and the other, I just felt like she would appreciate it as much as I did. Thanks so much. Love and blessings,"
- Carolyn

"It was indeed a very powerful prayer. Thank you for sharing this. I felt a wonderful power with me as I was saying your prayer and received a thought to visualise God walking down the street, when I said out loud "If there is anyone anywhere in the world that feels alone, bless them with friends". I then imagined our Creator walking down every street all over the world at the same time . . . looking forward to Christmas here in Cotswolds, England."
- Goddess Blessings for a very happy Christmas to you, Glenys

"You truly are a blessing to me right now and at this very moment I feel such love and peace in my life . . . (after working with the ebook Freeway to Freedom and having the Seed of Divine Restoration session) I feel so relieved and like I lost 20 pounds. . . I feel so loved for the first time in my life with no strings attached."
- Donna Darr

"Thank you for sharing your story in your "Magnificence"....
Sometimes people feel fear when Big, Profound, life-changing events happen in our lives in rapid feels like it is 'out of control' for some folks. Sharing your story gives us a beautiful model and confirms that this is 'life-in action' and in these times of rapid energy shifts if we 'surrender' to the 'truth' stay open to the 'opportunities' life can be rewarding indeed! So Bless You."
- Amber, StoneHaven, British Columbia

"I got the Seed of Restoration, which was amazing, a year and a half ago. I have trust in you and see your light shining with skills and positive, joyful intentions. I have used your essences to excellent effect, very impressive." - Mirium Aschur

"Quite a number of weeks ago, my dear friend, Takara, gave me the extreme pleasure of the use of her new essence "Finally Free". From the moment she had first told me about it in it's development stages, I knew that not only would it be special, but that I just HAD to have some and that it would be uniquely suited for both me personally and for my work with my Intuitive Reiki business. She had asked me to write this testimonial of my experiences with it and so far I had been very hesitant to do so...and up until I awoke this morning with a divine spark of inspiration I did not know why, and I had actually chalked it up to laziness! But that is not the case - as I now believe I have been just waiting on an energetic level for my final piece to fall into place as this very, very powerful essence has truly made a profound change in my spirit. It has helped me "SEE" a part of me that I could not see before. I am an intuitive on many levels, but I don't generally consider myself clairvoyant...that is not MY "clair" if you will! But from the first moment of application of Finally Free I began to be a more visual reader. In general it has opened me up in a sensory way - not only with my clients - not only on an everyday level (touch, sound, smell etc.), but on a deeper "who am I and what are my TRUE desires" sort of way. With it's regular use (usually during sessions with my clients and in my personal meditations) I have found that my life and my world has opened up in ways I could not have imagined! Pieces of my life have fallen into place and bits of myself have returned that I thought may have been lost forever. What was lost is now found, and what was in turmoil is on it's way to peace, freedom and the way of the light...thank you my dear, talented and enlightened friend for creating this and helping me find the pieces again."
- Julie Bynum, Reiki Master and Intuitive Medium, Charlotte, NC

"The past few days have been very powerful to me, starting on Tuesday. I feel enveloped in love, and in some new energy I cannot name. Also, manifestation is happening quickly. Supportive people are showing up and opportunities to learn what I want to learn are quickly arriving in my inbox."
- Ellen Jacobs

"I remember reading the article in one of the newsletters how you handed out an essence to a guy with a headache or back ache or something at a trade show, and he put it on and felt instant relief and part of me chuckled and said, 'yeah, right.' So there I am two days post motor vehicle accident with a knot the size of a peach on my head where it hit the steering wheel, severe bruising on my chest where I slammed into the steering column, and I say to myself, 'let's see how this does with severe whiplash' and guess what? I really got a good chuckle because I rolled it on the back of my neck and there was instant relief from the pain and I'm standing there thinking 'now that's really freaky.' And I'm not making it up. Now everyone else can say that sounds so far fetched but it happened to me and even now I have trouble grasping that, but my experience shows me it is true. wow." (Diamond was using a Custom Dancing Dolphin Essence Aromatherapy Blend)
- Diamond, Albuquerque, NM

""I really enjoyed your newsletter I received today! The 'Connecting with Nature' and dealing with change in our lives, was speaking to me! My father passed away on January 11, 2009. So I know what your talking about with change. . . Your information was so helpful for me."
- Peggy Fleishman

"We recently began carrying Dancing Dolphin Essences (at the Chrysalis) and I can tell you as a Holistic Health Practitioner & Facilitator, Debbie's Essences are a beautiful combination of sacred ingredients and her own form of energy work to promote healing and growth. I have seen the essences help cleanse and center the mind and purify the spirit and aura. As an energy worker, I find these tools to be essential to help clients feel empowered in their own healing process. In fact, I believe in her line of products so much that I use them myself! Even just sometimes smelling the essences or holding them can be enough to open the mind and body to healing and when rolled on, they can have an even longer lasting effect. We all have that sacred journey that we must go on in life and I am proud to say that I am definitely taking her essences along with me!"
- Rev. Andrea Teague, SPD, Life & Spiritual Life Coach, Massage & Bodywork Practitioner, [email protected]

"Hello Debbie! I think of you often with gratitude! I keep shifting and changing . . . what an amazing journey these lives are! . . . I feel like I've been on a quest for healing / transforming things from the 'inside out' ever since doing that 21 day process (Seed of Divine Restoration Long Distance Energy Healing Session) with you . . . friends pick up a new, very deep sense of peace, on my face . . . I look forward to receiving my new custom blend (Dancing Dolphin Aromatherapy Roll-On)"
- Kathy Reed

Wild Dolphin Swim in Bimini: "It was wonderful! I'm so glad I made the trip. It was the best thing I have ever done."
- Julie Rusher, Belmont, NC

"Hi Takara, I absolutely loved the dolphin ebook. Thank you so much for sharing." (Join the mailing list and you can get one too - its free)
- Cheryl Nixon, Texas

"Hi Takara, Many many thanks for your emails (newsletters), i really do enjoy reading them. I love the connection I now have with "like minded" "spiritual family" Living in Zimbabwe is not easy these days and your newsletters and emails really help to lift me up. I really love the connection with the dolphins too. I was really fortunate to have had the privilege of swimming with Fungi in Ireland in 1996, and visits with the dolphins in Australia, but my best times are in my dreams and meditations."
- Rae, Zimbabwe

"How do you thank someone who comes into your life and because of her influence your life is changed forever? Takara has graced my life with her many talents and skills. Especially through her healing arts (private sessions), I have made quantum leaps forward in my life. At one crisis point she was able to facilitate my integration of a significant shift in only 10 minutes! Her knowledge, and keen ability to share it, have enriched my life forever! Perhaps due to her engineering and teaching background, she has an amazing ability to take extremely complex concepts and information and boil it down to bottom line usefulness with clarity. She makes things implicitly simple and understandable to a lay person. Her extensive studies in metaphysical and philosophical areas allow her to create freeways for those of us who don't have time to sift it all out. The clarity she creates with her accelerated techniques allows you to quickly come on-line with the information, to transition, and to push past limitations." (Theresa has attended several of my workshops)
- Theresa Wright, Carlsbad, California

"The first essences I have ever used that had a noticeable effect! Great! Thank you."
- Bart Zimmerman

" intriguing and insightful journey of self-exploration into light and consciousness. A must read for all those seeking inner peace and unlocking the door to their inner wisdom." (Freeway to Freedom)
- Andi & Jonathan Goldman, authors "Tantra of Sound: Frequencies of Healing"

"The past few days I've had a lot of gratitude for the support that I have been availed of over the years. I'm especially appreciative when I find a consistent source of quality information such as you provide. So even though you haven't seen any direct results of assisting me please know that your information has been immensely helpful.
- Cassandra Noel

"Your writings about dolphins, and the exquisite Golden Water Activation
Meditation, are treasures that have enriched and inspired! It is a joy to participate in this meditation, especially [when able] on the beach at Will Rogers State beach, in Santa Monica CA. Dolphins are frequently seen there. The other night as I was contemplating dolphins and visualizing myself with them, I saw in my mind's eye a circle of dophins and humans,---dolphin, human, dolphin, human, ---about perhaps 12 or so---holding hands to flippers, as if dancing together! I tried to draw a picture of it to remember [must have an artist render it at some point!]. Anyhow, thought you would like to hear about this. It was an amazing "vision" to experience. Upon re-reading some of your writings I came across someting about a connection between dolphins and the crystals azurite and larimar...both of which I have. I also recently acquired a little dolphin made of sodalite, and had him sitting up on top of the azurite, ----I am grateful for "tuning in" to these dear ones [the dolphins as well as the azurite crystals]...and for reading about the connection. I am enjoying reading of your life experiences, insights, and all that you share.
An Embrace of healing from multitude Beings of Light for your father, during his present health initiation...may he rest assured that he is dearly loved in this tide. Much gratitude for all that you share!"
- Monica Davis

"On a day where I have been receiving just the right messages at the right time (you know the ones I mean, like the ones from you, The Universe etc) I want to express my gratitude to you. You know, I can’t even remember how I got to your site and what gave the honour to receive your wonderful dolphin energy regularly…. But I surely am grateful for it. ... Thank you, Takara."
- Barbara, New Zealand,

". . . I have never felt so connected to the Universal Source. You helped me empower my life. For this I will be eternally grateful."
- James Jeffrey, San Clemente, CA

"Dear Takara: Thanks very much for your blessing. It's wonderful receive your mail (newsletters). I reach your site from the hand of Da Vid. Best Wishes from Buenos Aires."
- Aristides

"Takara, I want you to know that I absolutely LOVE your newsletters!!! Each issue is positively WONDERFUL!!! . . . and so strengthening, instructional, edifying, and encouraging . . . THANK YOU so much for putting out this super material . . . the 'spirit of nature speaks' newsletter (now named Here's to Your Magnificence), truly SPEAKS TO ME IN AN AWESOME WAY!!!There is NEVER any article in it, that does not have something in it that my very being is longing to hear!!! Believe me, I love it, love it, love it !!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . the material is more than dynamite 'stuff, . . . IT IS EXPLOSIVE!!! . . . and the world and I thank you!!! Much love."
- Ronnie Schurman

"I love the directions to apply the Release essence to each of the chakras for three consecutive days prior to the Seed of Divine Restoration Session. This very much makes me an active participant in my own transformational experience."
- Bart Zimmerman

"I'm in the process of reading Freeway to Freedom and I love it so very much - a godsend! I am loving Freeway to Freedom . . . I feel subtle and not so subtle changes happening already and all I am doing is reading. Also, I wanted to tell you that before I received the book and started reading it, I could already feel something in motion. The energy and power is so incredibly awesome. Thank you for your writing and for doing what you do. Thank you, thank you so very much!!"
- Brenda Clark, Durango, Colorado

"I want to thank you for writing Freeway to Freedom. I spent most of the last three weeks in solitude working with the processes and bringing in new additions for myself and it has been wonderful and freeing. At 4:00 a.m. I was called in to the hospital to assist a client in delivering her precious little Angel to be born and when I got there the Mom to be said to me, "do you have makeup on?'  I said, 'No, this is the fresh out of the shower and still wet look as always.' She looked at me for a few moments and said, 'You have never been more beautiful.' She hadn't seen me since I went into solitude and she is right. As I have said before, When I read your book I knew it and I had needed a hand up to remind me to reach deep within and bring myself back up through my cells. God bless you and thank you. I keep you all in my prayers."
- Ariel, Dayton, MD

"Hello from Hummingbird! First of all, thank you so much for all your informative newsletters. My husband and I find it is a pleasure to read them. You may enjoy knowing that when we receive your newsletters, the topics contained within are often very timely and synchronistic with what is happening in our lives."
- Margaret and Cameron Kuntz, Lakefield, ON, Canada

"I thank you for the Dolphin Spiral Clearing and Infusion Techniques! This is a powerful Technology. I have been doing both techniques morning and evening. RAPID SHIFTS occur and a feeling of overall harmony - living in FLOW - results. The spins are FUN and EASY to do. It is EMPOWERING to know I can turn any situation around. Example. I have been going through some expansion at work with added duties, more dollars, etc. The process has been bumpy. Since beginning the spins, several 'blocks' and stuck situations have simply dissolved. It is as if they never existed. I feel different, and everyone around me seems to be different.!
- Martine Joseph

"Dearest, dearest, Takara: You are such a Blessing! Thank you so much for your words of wisdom, and for your Heart energy. 'And now it is not what you need to be doing anymore.' Such simple words, yet such a powerful message, the truth about moving forward is that we must move forward. Sometimes when we are in the 'thick of things' so to speak, the simple act of 'understanding' coming from someone else gives us the courage and permission to choose differently. This you have done for me with your kindness and compassion. Thank you for your poignant message, and although your words once again bring tears to my eyes, they are tears of gratitude. Many blessings to you Takara."
- Amber, British Columbia, Canada

"Off and on for several days I had been jittery, unsettled, unfocused, indecisive, and feeling what some might call 'spacey.' My personal Dancing Dolphin Essence blend immediately brought a focused mind and feeling of being grounded and calm. Hallelujah. You know, that wonderful feeling of your shoulders dropping and settling into their right alignment. And the bonus was a warm open energy at the heart."
- KiP Walker, Ceramonialist

"I want to let you know that I am having a phenomenal experience as I continue to use the custom essence that you made for me along with the dolphin spiral techniques!"
- Kathy Reed

"What a wonderful and practical book Takara has written (Freeway to Freedom). I could feel the loving, playful, cleansing energy of the Dolphins all through it. It is definitely a useful and valuable tool to greater freedom for all who choose to apply the releasing and infusing exercises contained in this book. The workbook pages in the back are an extremely helpful guide. Dolphins truly are the “angels of the sea.”
Jerry Hirschfield, Ph.D. Spiritual Psychotherapist
Author of My Ego, My Higher Power, And I and Forever One, Letters from God – You Are Perfect Love.

"Thank you for your wonderful newsletter! As I read each paragraph, I find myself agreeing out loud with a resounding 'YES!' Your news affirms who I am as a stand for love and peace and joy and generosity, and encourages me to give up fear and placing limits on myself and others . . . and the world."
- Myra Gerson, Long Beach, CA

Wild Dolphin Swim: "Its a great program where you swim and connect with wild dolphins. It's really a great experience."
- Sasha Borax, Randolph, NJ

"I asked Takara for an energy session and was delighted with my outcome on the first session. I had been going through for some time an inability to move around in the world very easily, as my sensitivity was just too much to feel comfortable. Noise and things in a general sense were just overwhelming. From the day after the session, my whole frame of reference to everything was different. It put me in a place of feeling free to be myself and to want to share that freedom with others. It lifted a cloud of not knowing the way, to a connection to anything I might want to experience. Not what I was having to settle for because I wasn't sure of how to proceed. It was such a wonderful experience for me and I have told all my family and friends about Takara's work and most of them have requested her Energy sessions themselves with the same awesome results. Truly a gift for all those seeking quick changes for a whole new reality. Thanks Takara and much Love."
- Betty Reed, Llano, Texas

"Takara, I want to thank you for the Seed of Divine Restoration . . . . After many weeks and incredible lessons, clarity and understanding, I know without a doubt that what I've experienced was from your session and it continues today! Again, THANK YOU.
- Laura K. Redondo Beach, CA

"Thanks for writing your thoughts. It's always good to know we are not alone on this amazing, and often very tricky, journey."
- Joy, Chicago, IL

Amber's initial experience: "The evening of (The Seed of Divine Restoration Long Distance Energy Session) . . . clearly felt tingling up the entire spinal column and then immediately received a counter clockwise spiraling energy into my third eye....I have never experienced this vivid imagery of spiral energy before. I also felt your presence clearly and saw your energy essence as brilliant white and pale blue light streaming. It's really difficult to explain with words! In the days since, I have often had this same energy flow over me with persistence...not too sure how else to describe it. I am experiencing powerful shifts, daily. It's really quite incredible! . . . until I read it in one of your testimonials, I forgot to mention that I also experienced this 'wave rolling over and through me' action immediately upon my settling into the meditation for the Seed of Divine Restoration. ' THIS' is what my soul has been yearning for. I honor you for the energy you carry and share Takara." A few weeks after the initial session: "I wished to up-date you regarding my experience with the"Seed of Divine Restoration" and how this exchange has impacted my life... I heard a very smooth voice (the second time in my life) very clearly, being neither male or female, say: "God Loves You"... and instantly ping pong sized Sapphire blue lights which glowed with golden light from within appeared and began encircling me.... and EVERYTHING has changed since then! I have a renewed energy that I have never experienced before in my life! I feel more myself than I ever have. Energies are streaming towards/into me that I have never experienced. And I am manifesting continuously. I am filled with compassion. And the anger that I used to feel has dissolved. My addictions have dissolved. My Soul Center is calm for the first time in my physical life. I truly feel re-born. A door has opened....wide. Thank you ...thank you...thank you."
- Amber, Castlegar, British Columbia

"I think these essences are amazing. I want to give one to everyone I know. I can't wait to get the next one. Takara, you are truly gifted and we are so glad to have found you."
- Yvette S, Virginia

"Takara's new custom blend, called "Being the Light," was a wonderful binding force for our recent event around that topic. It mixed old world magic with new world wonder and imagination. She is a genuine alchemist, healer, and guide for those who are now infusing themselves with the power of INTENTION--focused and expressed in these vibrant, easy-to-use mixtures. We are excited to have her skills along for our journeys!"
- Daniel Jacob,,

"Thank you so much for the Feb.. newsletter - i needed to hear every word you and others that you quoted said. bless you, bless you . . . keep the good news coming - we all need your support and love - have a great day."
- Cheryl Blankenship, Santa Fe, NM

"I had the privilege of going on a pilgrimage with Takara that was inspirational. In this time of planetary transition, it is important to move through these changes with fluidness. Takara allowed for this high level of spiritual work to occur with ease and grace. I highly recommend her journeys to anyone that is guided to attend."
- Samone Micheals, Author, Speak Your Truth

Diamond has experienced several energy sessions with me as well as used Dancing Dolphin Essences and the Diamond Trilogy & Foundation Set. The "Success Session" is an advanced long distance energy healing session available to clients who have previously had other energy sessions with me. "The most pronounced and immediate change is the strong increase in flow of making art. It is a surge of creativity that is engaging and absorbing. . . . Again this time (like last year when I had the Seed of Divine Restoration) I am dosing with the Diamond Foundation set of essences. The first 21 days (I started the day of the Success Session) were the most charged, as I saw clearly many things that weren't working in my life which wasn't exactly fun. Now I am in the next 63 days (Diamond Reunion) which I experience as gentler and more uplifting, presenting me with positive enticing different ways of living and thinking. There is a positive excitement to day-to-day living, and the doubts and heaviness seem to have fallen by the wayside, not through any effort, they just seem to have dropped away. WILD . . . I notice that my thinking is changing 'from the inside out' without effort on my part, just in a natural way. I feel strength, poise, and power as just my natural daily state of being, a simple truth. No longer is it something I 'yearn for' or 'try to get', it's just the truth. It's really wild because the difference is in the past it was a mental understanding or belief, it felt like stretching my mind to encompass the vastness and power available to me as a living breathing slice of God. Now it's just the truth, and from here on out I get to use it and decide what I want to do with it. . . I sense that my entire orientation is shifting so that I am now pointed in the direction of achieving and living a whole different life with success the norm, rather than something to stretch an d reach on tippy-toe with great effort to try to touch. Thank you so much for this really remarkable work!"
- Diamond

"A lot of change has taken place in my life this spring, but your newsletter has been very grounding. Thank you for the connections and for the articles that always give me something to think about."
- Frances Webb, California

"I wanted to give you some feedback on how my Seed session went. . . I was laying down on the couch with crystals in each hand. I relaxed and then I felt chills and tingling all over my body. . . I'm telling you that ever since that day in April, things have not been the same. I have a more positive outlook in every circumstance and person that I encounter. I enjoy and relish life every single second! I have bundles of energy. I have become more focused on my life's purpose, and am directed to those events and peoples that are for my highest good. I've read your book Freeway to Freedom and have learned a great deal from doing the meditations and exercises, and hearing your life's story. I also enjoyed the custom blend which I still use. Thank you very much, Takara. The Seed session was amazing. Blessings, "
- Karen

"I want to thank you for your phenomenal distance healing. It is very clear that all sorts of stuff is shaking free. . . am feeling pretty darn good vi's a vi's self-image and peace within the past stuff. I love that you were a big part of this happening! Many Blessings,"
- Eliza

"It is so good you should try it. You would love it. It is really fun."
- Mariah Beck (one of the kids who attended a Wild Dolphin Swim)

"When I went to the health care provider from whom I get supplements, although I could have 'dosed' the supplements myself via muscle-testing and/or intuition, I felt prompted t have him do the dosing. I told him I was using the custom essence and it was very powerful so I knew it would influence the testing. So, we set the roll-on across the room for the initial testing. After he dosed everything, he gave me the roll-on and asked me to put in in my pocket since I have been carrying it around with me. He then retested and was stunned (it was hilarious - I have never seen that look on his face before!) to find out that I only needed 1/2 of everything. So then he asked me how often I use the roll-on and I told him I had just been playing with it, bud hadn't dosed it. So, he dosed it and it came out that I should apply it to my wrists 3X/day."
- Kathy Reed

"Thank you for your beautiful words of love, compassion, peace and harmony. I look forward to receiving my newsletter every month -- it helps me stay on track and balanced in my busy and hectic life as a working mom and wife. Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in the distractions of everyday life and lose the feelings of connectedness -- the newsletter helps me re-connect. I especially appreciate the info on the power of our words since this is an area I have had to struggle to overcome. Blessings to you as you do this important work, and thanks!!!"
- Claire Boettler

"Camelot, wow-- that is a very sexy could promote it as an aphrodesiac if you wanted, my husband and i found it very inspiring!" - Ishtara Freedom

Freeway to Freedom: "The clear writing and personal insights make it an easy and interesting read. It really helped me to pinpoint areas for improvement in myself."
- Haley Meagan, Encinitas, California

About a year ago I received the Seed of Divine Restoration distance healing, and then shortly after began working with the Diamond trilogy essences. I found this work very powerful and have seen it create big changes. I am very pleased with the depth and immensity of the results I am seeing. Check this out: When I asked the reader I go to about the effectiveness of the distance healing session (I have gone to this gentleman for about 3 years and find his insight consistently on the mark for me), he confirmed for me that yes the 'seed' planted is indeed real and effective, and yes that it will continue to work for the rest of my life. He described it as a sun planted inside my body. I love that image, and it is very apt for me. I could never connect with the 'this little light of mine' image, or the candle flame within, but the sun in my body is exactly right for me. Thank you for the work, and I continue to see positive changes in my life and well-being: more confidence, more vitality, more strength to walk in the world, more joy, better job, stronger finances, more at ease in my own skin, increased unwillingness to settle for less in every area."
- Diamond

"(Freeway to Freedom) I found it a very good and informative read and would recommend it to anyone. It contains simple yet powerful wisdom that will add much to the quality of life for anyone seeking more than the mundane. Thanks for writing it, and thanks for sharing it. Blessings to you."
- David Adams, creator of the Global Marine Meditation, Australia

"Hi Takara, As always, this issue (newsletter) was time precise for me. My partner and I just started a sports photography business, are in the midst of our first busy summer season, are extremely cash poor currently, and last Friday I accidentally dropped our only camera. We are told that repairs could take 8-10 weeks, rendering us unable to shoot cycling events we are booked to cover. My partner tells me I must surrender. I don't understand his analysis. After reading "On a Wing and a Prayer" I understand. Thank you so much."

(Holy Harmony) ". . . my emotional, spiritual, and physical experience was fully heightened by this angelic oil. Thank you for sharing!
- Renate Markle

"It has been a wonderful and wonder filled time for me these last three weeks sharing in the experience of The Seed of Divine Restoration journey along with the processes in Freeway to Freedom. Thank you so very, very much. Much more than mere words could possibly express. Outstanding!!!"
- Ariel, Dayton, Maryland

"Love your work . . . I get very inspired by what you are doing and how you are doing it!"
- Annie, Hawaii

"Takara has amazing insight and ability to get to the root of core issues, both negative and positive, in an incredibly efficient and clear way. This has allowed me to focus on the beautiful dream that truly is my reality, leaving the silly, ancient, and even ugly childhood "non-reality" behind. A wonderful, but failing, friendship and business relationship has healed before my very eyes because of Takara's phenomenal counsel."
- Michael Sterns, Author/Publisher, Tampa, FL

"Thanks for your incredible newsletters. I'm always so uplifted, informed, inspired . . ."
- Jamie Zimron, California

"Over the years that I have been associated with Takara, I have marveled at her abilities to access energetics that reactivate the harmonics of love, trust, truth and balance within the lives of all those that are guided to be in her presence. She tenaciously supports and honors the upliftment of the human experience and constantly accesses spiritual wisdom that allows for the balancing of mind, body and spirit. Her joyful presence is a blessing to all. She continually strives to perfect and share her healing techniques and abilities. She holds a place of certainty that life can and will be lived through "ease and grace" as each of us steps into our full potential and truth."
- Millie Stefani, Co-Founder of Forchianna

"I read your article in the August issue of Maine WellBeing, and enjoyed it so much I decided to check out your website. Since then I have joyfully been reading all your articles and have indeed enjoyed reading my copy of your Dancing with Dolphins ebook. Takara, I can't tell you how thrilled I was when I decided to try your meditation and the first dolphin I met shared his name with me and we had a wonderful adventure together. I have since met other dolphins and love my time with them."
- Linda

"I finally felt prompted . . . to do the meditation where I meet my dolphin guide. It was the richest spiritual experience i remember having in this body."
- Kathy Reed

"Thank you for your encouragement this year. I have been taking the 'Fear (Buster)' drops as well as "Soul's purpose'. Maybe it is them as well as the last session we had, and other things, but I am just a much happier person."
- Suki

"I had the seed of restoration done several months ago and I have been enjoying your book (Freeway to Freedom) as well. Since then, I have been feeling like a totally new person. I see the world so differently now. I am so much happier with myself and my life. I also have a deeper understanding and love for other people."
- Robin Tauzin, Phoenix, AZ

"Dear Takara, You and Amanda are AWESOME people who I hope to meet again someday. You two are wonderful. I felt your vibes that first night in Fort Lauderdale."
- Jean-Luc (one of the kids who came on a Wild Dolphin Swim)

"Greetings Dear Soul: . . . I had a powerful experience last week and was told to go sit on the sand at the beach, in order to integrate the event, and was told that the dolphins would come . . . they did . . I saw one directly in front of me . . . it was a great joy to experience this while viewing the shimmering late afternoon sun upon the grand expanse of ocean. What a delight! . . . an ocean full of grand support, abundant blessings and Joy to you!. . . It has been a joy to connect in a spirit-way with these dear beings! I have done the dolphin meditation about 3 or 4 times. The field of flowers, the wooden staircase down to the sandy beach, and the beach are always the same, but the experiences under the sea were different. . . . Much gratitude to you for this wonder-filled work, for the writings, and info about the amazing essences. . . Thank you for this Gift, Takara! Your website resonates with me, and I am so grateful it washed upon the shores of my internet, bringing it's delightful treasures!"
- Monica


"Takara’s method of getting to the root of the problem energetically is unsurpassed! After one session with her I experienced a releasing and clarity that enabled me to continue the process on my own. I would recommend her services to anyone."
- Samone Michaels, Author & Director, CURE Organization

"Thank you soooo much for the personal essence (custom essence blend). This is a very challenging time in my life and I seem to be sailing through it. My friends and family are amazed that I am so calm, serene and knowing that everything is not only OK, but in fact exactly where I need to be right now. I believe the essence has helped me turn troubled waters into calming waves. Thanks again!"
- Rebecca, Arizona

"My husky mix used to cry out in his sleep and whimper nightly. I started adding just a few drops of Inner Peace and after a few weeks he was sleeping peacefully. It even calmed down my beagle beast."
- Lillian Pettinato, R.N., Registered Acupuncturist

"Thanks so much for keeping me on your mailing list. It keeps me hooked to the vibes of new Mexico and keeps me tapped into my spiritual self."
- Karen Leckie, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"I took the Strength Essence . . . Powerful feeling of an internal explosion of energy - strong feeling of clarity."
- Tina Salazar, Littleton, CO

"Your BOOK IS FABULOUS! Blessings for sharing with us your beautiful connecting Dolphin Spiral. I noticed an immediate connection to my Dolphins, I am closely connected and this heightened my awareness."
- Kennette

(Holy Harmony) "Peace, unity, higher sensing (intuition), fresh start."
- Isabelle

"Thank you for your great essences! They are the best! I especially love Inner Peace and Dolphin Connection. All I have to do  is hold a bottle of Inner Peace and I feel so good, so calm, and relaxed! The Dolphin Connection just fills me with great happiness and joy and people are just drawn to that joyful aura!! Thank You!!
- Anthony Giaimo, CA

"I felt prompted to roll-on the essence to my heart, third-eye, and crown chakras, and found myself using a few steps from Tapas Acupressure Techniques along with Dolphin Spiral Techniques - especially using the clearing and then reclaiming of wayward adamantine particles. It was incredible to feel the light and expansion in the space, a much stronger and powerful self, and a playful joyfulness. Later on in the day as I was running around doing my regular errands, I noticed that I felt free, connected, and playful as I met up with people."
- Kathy Reed

"Many thanks for the wonderful newsletters! I truly enjoy the love and info you bring forth to help us all! abundant blessings to you and raven,"
- Hileah, Hawaii

"I just wanted to say "thank you'' Debbie for sharing your wonderful love story with me (An article from my free newsletter). I am sure that I am not the only one who felt the profound love that you expressed! I felt like it was happening to me. I find it truly amazing how you were able to transmit this beautiful frequency of love. With each word I felt more and more uplifted. Thanks again for making my day. Blessings and Love,"
- Renee, New Jersey

"As always! Simply love your article this month. Your words are always filled with wisdom, insight and encouragement. Thank you."
- Amber, British Columbia, Canada

"I had a healing session with Takara . . . I could viscerally feel the energy pulsing up and down my meridians . . . The synergistic energy was electrically surging through my body. I felt so energized. I have three fused discs in my spinal column and deal with chronic fatigue. It's the most energy I've felt in 3 years."
- Suzy Couvee, Encinitas, CA

". . . That has really been the most exciting and wonderful outcome: that my intuition is stronger, clearer, easier to hear. My guides and guardians have never felt closer at hand. . . Again this has been the greatest gift of all because an ongoing discouragement and frustration has been not having ready and easy access to the intuitive guidance that would come through for me in bursts here and there, and from time to time. But what I wanted was an ongoing easy natural flow of intuitive guidance and information. That I now have, it keeps getting stronger, and that has been the most delightful aspect of this work. Thank you again for this wonderful work."
- Diamond

"The kyanite is amazing! My "body" has been tense / stressed, in a manor of speaking and about 2 minutes after taking the kyanite my muscles relaxed, my persona relaxed, and my spine started to release!"
- Josh, Toronto, Canada

Comments from a client who had my long distance energy healing Freedom Flight package: "Hello Takara, I wanted to give you some feedback on how my Seed session went . . . ever since that day in April, things have not been the same. I have a more positive outlook in every circumstance and person that I encounter. I enjoy and relish life every single second! I have bundles of energy. I have become more focused on my life's purpose, and am directed to those events and peoples that are for my highest good. I've read your book Freeway to Freedom and have learned a great deal from doing the meditations and exercises, and hearing your life's story. I also enjoyed the custom blend which I still use. Thank you very much, Takara. The Seed session was amazing."
- Karen

(Referencing - What Does it Mean to Ascending) "Great article . . . Really. One of the best I have read. . . I am grateful for your writing! . . . Thanks! - Amy Atkisson

"Takara: Just wanted to THANK YOU for all the leading edge health information that you have been making available to us! . . . the BioElectric Shield has been stupendous - I sincerely believe that it is saving my life on many levels. I am so much stronger now in any situation, whether it is at the office or with family members . . . Also I enjoy the Dancing Dolphin Essences. Flower essences alone have changed my health dramatically. . . THANK YOU AGAIN. I feel my health is increasing in leaps and bounds."
- Martine Joseph, New Britain, CT

"Takara - The Session we had was profound."
- Jai, Colorado

"Lately when I roll-on the essence, I literally see more clearly --- I can 'see' the rise in vibration."
- Kathy Reed

(Holy Harmony) "Yes!! A subtle and enchanting inspiration. It's delicate yet sharpening character makes it very suitable for working with subtle energies."
- Oz Walker

"What could I say to you but a humble 'Thank You' for being such a wonderful friend. I am deeply grateful for your succinct ability to 'tap into the ethers' when I am emoting here some 500 miles away. Your ability not only to 'pick me up' but to also accurately intuit where I really am at that time is truly awesome and a wonderful gift you give to me over and over again. Gentle winds, Calm waters and many Blessings Beloved."
- Cynthia Morningstar Smith, Flagstaff, AZ

". . . she stopped me to comment again on how happy and well she notices I am. So I thanked her, and she said, 'My motive is selfish because you have to tell me what you are doing or using to get that way,' which cracked me up. So I told her I am doing two things, getting bodywork for the whiplash and using vibrational essences. She asked what I am using and where do I get them, so I told her I am using little bottles of bliss and rapture and opulence and manifestation, by this time I'm really laughing because I'm telling her I feel this way because of bliss in a bottle."
- Diamond

"Dear sweet lovely Takara - How I enjoyed this issue! (newsletter) . . . thank you so much for your wonderful words of love, support and wisdom. You certainly lifted my spirits today! You are truly in the light."
- Kathryn Howard, Lifestyle Mentor, Florida

"Dearest Takara: . . . With your guidance and help I now feel the love and light of the Divine. Every day unfolding an adventure to be embraced."
- April Lynn

"I love your book and thinking of dolphins makes meditation a lot easier than other techniques. Also, your guided meditation is very beautiful and energizing. You are right, we don't need dolphins to be physically present to succeed (would be a bit difficult in Vienna/Austria). I'll keep in touch with you. Thanks for the book. . . Namaste"
- Erika

"Dear Takara: First of all I always look forward to your newsletter. It was only last night that I was reading over last month's wanting to share some of your ideas with my husband. Then, this morning there it was waiting for me. I devoured the entire newsletter in record time: hungry for your comforting words and suggestions. I just want to say, thank you, for sharing your experiences and thoughts. Spirit of Nature is truly appreciated and used every day as a mentor and 'heart healer' as well as a reminder that I am not alone in my beliefs and reasonings. Your commentary on the 'Oneness and the Human Condition' was a wonderful reminder of what comes first in your life. This everyday world that I live in is very different. I find myself getting caught up in other people's values and sense of right and wrong. This leaves me with a sick heart. Your newsletter helps, among other resources, to keep my heart chugging along on the right tracks."
- Carol Hairfield, Moseley, Virginia

(Kathy has been working with the Seed of Divine Restoration Energy Healing Session, the eBook Freeway to Freedom, and a Custom Dancing Dolphin Aromatherapy Roll-On Essence)
"Yesterday I bumped into the friend . . . Today she sent me this message: 'Something wonderful is happening to you. Your field is radiant . . . I've never seen you like this.'"
- Kathy Reed

"Your program has changed my life. . . when I discovered Dolphin Empowerment . . . I was ecstatic! I love it and feel like I've found 'home' with your program. I am working on a log of clearing out with the exercises from Freeway to Freedom and I use the Daily Harmony and dolphin spiral techniques (and the essences) daily."
- Angela Andrews

"Thank you, Takara, for your healing energy. The resistance I had been feeling to proceeding with a project just faded away quietly after our session. Dispite my awareness of the blocks and attempts to move them, I simply had not been able to fully move past them on my own. Within hours I was in action, gathering information, making contacts, designing, writing, organizing... Within six hours I whole heartedly did an impromptu reading. You see, my resistance had been effecting other areas of my work. Again thank you for the love and empowerment that you carry. Blessings.
- KiP Walker, Minister, Artist and Creator of Celebrations

"If you read the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, it says that anointing someone with oil is higher than water for baptism. I am clairsentient. I feel the beauty and sacredness of your mission. I certainly did have a life changing experience during the Holy Harmony experience. Seriously life changing! Bless you, "
- Frances Michael

"Hi Takara, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for your piece on "finding happiness." It is so timely, and well-written. Big hugs."
- Joy Linsley, Chicago, Illinois

"Dear Takara: It was a delight to have been with you again tonight and with the group, It was very healing. Thank you so much for facilitating these meetings. They are powerful."
- Regina Merritt

"I, again, have such a wave of 'coming home' as I read your writing. And, I know now that Archangel Michael has been encouraging my steps that have led me to you and your resources."
- Kathy Reed

"Takara, you are quite amazing! thanks for your insights...!"
- Barb Retson Colleague Scout, WHUM, The Cure Show

"I am thrilled with all the essences. It is such fun to go to the mirror in the morning and pick up the little bottles with their wonderful themes . . . bliss . . . opulence . . . surrender . . . custom blend . . . manifestation . . . solar power . . . and apply the enchantment to my life. Truly it is magic in a bottle."
- Diamond, Albuquerque, NM

"Words can't express the shift that has occurred for me with reading Dancing with Dolphins and Freeway to Freedom. I have swam with the dolphins many times and the spin techniques were a reminder of something they had already taught me years ago that I just didn't put two and two together on out of the water. God bless you and them!! . . . I'd like to share with the 'two and two together out of the water' story. In 1997, I was working with and teaching meditations for a Tibetan Lama. He brought me to my first swim with the dolphins. I had first done Shakti Pad with him prior to getting into the water with the dolphins, so my channels were wide open. He had told me to get in and put one hand up and start rotating counterclockwise. Of course I did this and the three dolphins popped out of the water and began rotating counterclockwise with me. Tian Tsu, the lama said they did this to help me clear my body. I felt calm and clear when I was finished and went back the next day to swim again.  This time he told me to do the same thing but rotate clockwise. Three dolphins popped up and started spinning clockwise with me. He told me they were raising my vibration. When I got out of the water after another 30 minutes, I could barely speak. I was slurring. Tien Tsu told me to remind myself that 'this is a normal state of being,' it's just my vibration had shifted so dramatically. Needless to say I walked the streets for hours at warp speed after that second swim working to integrate the changes. Reading your material was like coming home again and a reminder of a place I knew and know so well. I truly feel myself again and so unconditional and bright, once again. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!! I will not leave 'home' again."
- Ariel, Dayton, MD
". . . you have been so guided, so intuitive, so "ready" that you were given information ahead of most of us. I just wanted to acknowledge you for your inner wisdom, your willingness to share it, the love that you are. NO accident that the two of you were brought together to do your work."
- Joy Linsley, Chicago, IL

Comments from Workshop Attendees:

"I recommend exploring your depths of desires using what Takara teaches" - Jean MacDonald, Denver, Colorado

"Teaches you to get clear about yourself and what you want and engage your feelings to make it real." - Michael Lynn

"Great and enjoyable. You have to experience the class for yourself. It is very much an independent experience of where you are at in Your Journey." - Lynn Hutcherson

"Find and learn a useful tool to manifest all your heart's desires into your life." - Dr. Debbie O-Reilly

"Thank you Takara. It was great." - Judy Griffith

"Very clear and concise. Interesting. Gave How to - things I can do and believe continually." - Annalia

"It was everything I wanted and more. Very loving and free and opening and awakening." - Karen Leckie, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

"Very interesting stories and anecdotes. Life experiences. Mean a lot to me when I'm relating to new information. - Shelley Underhill

It was excellent - clearly presented. - Anne

"Very uplifting, empowering, hopeful. A positive feeling was and is present in me (now) again."

Takara is very grounded and clear. Enjoy her as a teacher. Her delivery is very good." - Marcia Hayes, San Diego, California

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