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Walk-Ins, Walk-Outs, Possessions, and Upgrades
by Debbie "Takara" Hicks

Caution: This article is highly esoteric in nature. The concepts presented here may seem completely foreign or even like down right lies. As always, my recommendation is to keep what works for you and throw out the rest.

As I was sharing in the previous article, The True Soulmate Relationship and How it Can Change Over Time, I've changed so much my eyes are even different.

The person I came in as, Deborah Elaine Shelor, has been enhanced.

You may have heard of walk-ins. There are several people who claim to have "walked in" and taken over someone else's life. These are supposedly huge souls that did not want, or need, to go through the natural birthing process of becoming human.

The example I am most familiar with is Drunvalo Melchizedek. He claims to have had a prior to this life agreement with the other person. And at an agreed upon time, that person left and he "walked-in" to the body.

Often this walk in experience happens during an accident or serious illness - when the person is near death. When the "new" individual takes over, the personality completely changes. There is a lot of adjustments that need to be made. Integration is not always easy. Friends, spouses, and children aren't sure what to think.

I have no idea how prevalent this walk-in phenomena is.

So what is the difference between a walk-in and a possession?

Being possessed is having an energy or entity so attached to the individual that the person is unable to think for themselves, to act rationally, to behave as they would normally behave. Usually their life goes in a very bad way. They can become quite depressed and even suicidal. The energy or entity does not have the person's best interest in mind and is usually a much lower, denser vibration than the individual.

How are the doorways opened that allow for such possession?

Anything that causes the etheric (auric) field to tear open, shred, shatter, or have holes in it, make room for unwanted energies to come in.

Emotional trauma, sex, alcohol, drugs, even physical damage to the body through a cut or surgery allows for easy access to the person's energy system. That is why it is so very important to be cautious who you merge with.

If you have sex with someone - even once - who has negative energy or astral entities attached, guess what? Now you've got them. It might take years to clear them out. The processes in Freeway to Freedom offer some of the best solutions for cleaning all this up.

A walk-in is not there to take over someone's life and do whatever they want. They do have the person's best interest in mind and they have made an agreement with one another to have this experience. The walk-in is often here on a planetary mission. They are of a higher vibration than the person.

I have friends that describe another phenomena called "place holders." These are beings that come in when someone is near the end of their life. Suddenly the dying person's personality changes completely. They have different interests, food preferences, quirks, and a whole host of other oddities.

My friends have determined that the purpose of these "place-holders" is so that the soul of the dying person does not have to go through another death experience on earth. They have already done that numerous times and don't need to go through the trauma of that again.

Like most esoteric concepts, these things can't be verified using the 5 senses. So, you be the judge of whether it sounds like a possibility to you.

Back to the idea of Walk-ins.

Another very interesting phenomena is the idea of walking-in and then walking-out again. Drunvalo did this and I know people that were part of his inside group that tell the story this way.

Apparently there was some tax issue. So he locked himself into his office for 3 days refusing to come out. When he did, he was a completely different personality. And the new personality stayed for 3 years and then the old, what some would say real, Drunvalo came back. He had gone out again for 3 years to upgrade himself.

Now before I even heard about his "walking out," I suddenly didn't feel drawn to any of his stuff. Why? Because when I tune into something, I am touching into the person or situation in the moment and what was there did not resonate with me. That's not to say that all his stuff resonates with me. It just means that for those 3 years, I had nothing to do with him whatsoever. Then all of a sudden, I felt drawn to something he wrote. I later learned that right around that time, he told the students in one of his workshops that he had walked out for the past 3 years.

So, you can walk-in, you can walk-out, you can walk-in again. But what else can you do?

When you are running the Divine Feminine, a softer, more gentle approach is possible. And that is what I have experienced.

I don't know that it is any easier though. Each time an "upgrade" happens, you have to recluse, spend time in nature and in silence. You tend to not want to be in big crowds or going going going all the time.

Every upgrade requires an integration time - usually several months - where you can't really do anything except just "be." And because your circuits are on overload - your energy system is being upgraded and calibrated to withstand the new higher frequencies - you are much more sensitive to subtle energies. You go through periods of time where you are much more vulnerable to weird energy, psychic attack, etc.

Disharmonious energy is like a virus that you can't seem to get rid of. You experience energetics that others are completely oblivious to so intensely that you might be "off" for several days simply because you encountered it. And you often need help to realign and re-balance after such an encounter.

This has been my life for the past several years.

First there was the upgrade in Mt. Shasta. Don, someone I had never heard of at the time, came all the way from New Zealand to "download some energy for me." Along with the truly powerful and outrageous meditation I did there with my friend, I have never been the same after that.

Near the end of that same summer, I co-lead a group to swim with wild dolphins in Bimini. I was in an altered state for most of the trip. How on earth I managed to track how everyone was doing and lead workshops I have no idea.

The first day out on the boat, we had the most intense and long lasting dolphin encounter that organization can remember. The typical encounter lasts 5 to 15 minutes. This one lasted at least 45.

The Bimini dolphins like for you to dive down and spiral with them. I don't know if you have ever done that in open ocean, but it is truly exhausting. We were wiped out afterwards.

The waters were quite rough that week and we couldn't take the boat out a couple of afternoons. Instead of joining the group for a hike one day, my "guidance" was to go back to my room. I laid down on the bed and went comatose - such a deep level of trance that my body wouldn't move even if I wanted it to. I was "gone" for about an hour. When I came to, I felt compelled to go to the beach. I found it completely deserted. As I entered the outrageously beautiful turquoise sea, all this energy came rushing in and I found myself making statements about who I am and what I'm about. I have no recall of what I said.

That was a few years ago. I had already changed significantly. As I've written about in Freeway to Freedom (, when you go through some of these doors, there is no turning back. What was once hidden to you is now accessible. You can't pretend to be who you once were.

And then this year there has been another huge shift. I am not who I used to be. I do not resonate - sending out specific vibrations - with the same frequencies that I once did.

When I dowse and make the statement "I am Takara." The pendulum says "No." I am now something new, something nameless, something more.

I didn't do it through walking in. I did it by adding on.

I've added on to who I already am these higher, more expanded, more refined, more divine aspects of self. Those parts of self that typically remain hidden behind the veil, only loosely tethered to the physical world. I am now becoming that.

A great way to explain the difference is that "walking in" is a bit like going from Windows XP to Windows Vista overnight - everything is different and most things don't work the same. It is a brand new territory and you have to learn it all over again. It takes awhile.

"Adding on" is like having a great operating system already - who you already are with your personality, preferences, memories, and such intact, and adding on some wonderful and powerful programs that let you do more. I believe this is possible because I have healed so much of what was messed up in my fears, beliefs, judgments, and expectations.

In my case these upgrades let me:

  • "know" things in a more powerful way,
  • radiate, "bring in" and infuse things with significantly higher healing frequencies,
  • stay more easily in a calm quiet place regardless of circumstance.

I'm sure there are other skills and qualities, I'm just learning about what they are.

Thankfully not everyone experiences this stuff. But for those of you who do, hopefully this article has helped you.

Takara signature

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Debbie "Takara" Shelor is a #1 bestselling author, award-winning transformational speaker, engineer, and consultant. She provides tools, training, and support to authors, teachers, coaches, group leaders, and other individuals who are tired of feeling stuck and are ready to catapult themselves and their clients into high gear both personally and professionally. She acts as a catalyst of radical positive change for both individuals and organizations. She is the creator of Dancing Dolphin Energy Healing Aromatherapy Products and many other high vibration technologies. Her free email newsletter, Here's to Your Magnificence, is read by several thousand people from around the globe. She offers consulting, energy healing sessions, and teaches transformational seminars online, on land and at sea. She can be contacted at Get your FREE 7 Secrets to Dancing Through Life EmPOWERed, EnRICHed, and Living in Joy eBook and learn to catapult your own life into high gear to be more healthy, happy, and successful as you define success.

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