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Dancing Dolphin Essences
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The Alchemy

The Dancing Dolphin Essence technology is overlighted (inspired, guided, and infused) by consciousness beyond the 3rd dimension. All Dancing Dolphin Essences measure above 500 (love) on the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness (described in detail in the book Power vs. Force by David Hawkins.)

Takara is The Dolphin One: Chalice of Divine Frequencies. She has the ability to access, program/reprogram, infuse objects and locations, and channel specific frequencies and encodements from numerous Light sources, including galactic and interdimensional / multidimensional sources. Her presence allows practically anyone to access the Akashic records and receive information, guidance, and vibrations from numerous realities, lifetimes, and dimensions. Aspects of Takara have experienced being a dolphin, a mer-woman, and a whale. She is highly empathic and extraordinarily intuitive. She accesses extremely high dimensional technology and information on a regular basis.

Using Dancing Dolphin Essences and the advanced multi-dimensional healing technology in Takara's book Freeway to Freedom, a person has the opportunity to grow personally and spiritually in quantum ways. Working in tandem, the essences and spiral technologies completely rewrite and transform illusions of the third dimension into empowerment and the attainment of higher dimensional resonance.

Dancing Dolphin Essences offer layers of assistance to the user. Most people actively pursuing spiritual growth may have achieved mastery in some areas, but still need quite a bit of assistance in others. The essences provide assistance at numerous levels of mastery, from 3rd dimensional issues, to the evolutionary bridge (one foot in the 3rd dimension and one foot in a higher dimension or vibration - wavering back and forth between the two), and the higher dimensional love vibration and beyond. As a person raises their vibration and transmutes the illusions of the 3rd dimension, they gain access to higher levels of empowerment available from each essence.

Dancing Dolphin Essences assist you in raising your vibration and evolving toward enlightenment. They allow you to stay in a particular band of vibration that lets you evolve and anchor into that.

Co-Creative Expressions of Spirit Essences, co-created by Takara and Amanda Butler, include a set of Diamond Essences designed to assist those who have reached beyond the 3rd Dimensional level of maturity. A person ready for these essences is totally dedicated to their personal and spiritual growth, has raised their vibration, realizes that they are responsible for completely creating their reality, and have healed many of the wounds from their past. The Diamond Vibration is about the true essence of who you are and of the Universe.

International Customers - International Shipping Fee - You must include this additional $7 shipping fee if we are shipping your order to a location outside the U.S. or Canada. Only add the fee once per order.
Custom Blends by Takara - Not sure which essences or blends to choose. Send Takara your full name, date of birth, and location where you currently reside and she'11 "tune in" and create a special blend just for you. Each custom blend contains between 2 and 10 individual essences. $27.00
Activation - Assists in answering the question: "How can I accelerate my growth?" Or, "How can I move forward in my evolution? Activates you in an area of your spiritualjourney or in an area of your healing. It allows youto easily step into your next higher level. Activates the pineal, pituitary, DNA, heart, solar heart, and throat. It assists you in becoming willing to release blockages in those areas. Good when doing ceremony, working with sacred sites, or raising your vibration.
Practitioner Advice - "If I am working with a client and we are about to do a big piece, I give them Activation as we are starting the session."
As you continue to evolve - Activates the Solar Heart. The Solar Heart is a divine connection between the Solar Plexus, the Heart, and the Throat Chakras. A person with an activated Solar Heart creates from their Solar Plexus through their heart and expressing through their throat Divine truth and Divine love. It becomes a vibration of creating in unity with God. Without the solar heart activation, a person typically creates through the wounding of the heart from past traumatic experiences Most people do not have the solar heart activated at this time. Once the heart wounding has been healed, this essence provides the Solar Heart Activation and can assist a person to step into and create from their Solar Heart space.
As you evolve to an even higher vibration - actually energizes an energy field around a person that is 5th dimensional. This field will magnetize from a 5th dimensional level when you are ready for it to magnetize (for manifesting). Being in complete synchronicity with the Universe and everything flows. $15
 Beyond Addiction - Assists in answering the question: "How can I get on with life - beyond my addictions?" Assists with addictions, addictive behaviors, and addictive patterns. Helps with physical addictions (cigarettes, alcohol, chocolate, etc.), emotional addictions (shopping, sex, exercise), and mental (drama situations, gossip - addiction to reaction versus response in life) and other dysfunctional behavior. Helps you recognize your addictions in order to heal. Helps with co-dependent behavior.
As you continue to evolve - You cannot achieve a higherdimensional vibration if you are still running addictions. So it helps you reach the higher dimensional state. Can create life consciously and live life beyond addictions and addictive behaviors. Addictions keep you small, limited, and blocked. Beyond addictions, you can play full out, be the truth of who you are. $15
Body Boost - Brings natural order back into your physical body. Assists the body in coming back into natural order through enhancing its various systems. It uses the endocrine system (chakra system) to help the body come back into pristine order. It helps build strength within the various body systems. It incorporates love, ease, and grace into the physical body. It helps with tiredness, energy depletion, and the endocrine system. Can help boost the chakra system and bring it fully online.
As you continue to evolve - As the physical body is in total strength, alignment, and the chakras are boosted your physical body can integrate the energy easier as you move into higher dimensions and vibrations. It helps the body transcend and shift from carbon to crystal. $15
Creativity - Assists in answering the question: "How can I refresh my life with new ideas and tap into my own creativity?" Brings out the creativity that you naturally possess. Assists in tapping into the creative force within yourself and the Universe. Assists in healing issues of the first three chakras (root, sacral, and solar plexus). Can be used in aligning the first 3 chakras (main body energy centers), and weaving them together so they work in harmony. Most people who experience a lack of creative flow have blockages in one or more of the first three chakras. Once the first 3 chakras have been realigned, then true creative flow can occur. Helps to bring in new ways of living and being.
Example: Within relationships, people often get into a mundane rhythm with the other person. They have not bridged the mundane - physical everyday living - with the spiritual or creative forces. They lose spark within the relationship. So this essence greatly assists to create or renew a spark within the relationship. Once the first three chakras are aligned. Then it connects into the heart and therefore all the remaining chakras.
Practitioner Advice - "Taking this essence prior to intimacy will raise the vibration and bring it into a sacred experience."
As you continue to evolve - It connects into the Solar Heart. Now you are creating from the Solar Heart and what you step into is a more powerful energy of creation. You step into Co-Creation with God. Once you've tapped into this co-creative energy, your pranic tube (energy channel that runs from the top of your energy field, through your body along the spine and to the bottom of your energy field) is filled with light. Helps you access the co-creative force with God.
As you evolve to an even higher vibration - You are completely in the Co-Creative Energy. Everything is in sync and this essence helps to deepen that. You are completely in light. You are totally creating in Light force. $15
Dolphin Connection - Assists in answering the question: "How can I bring more joy into my life?" "How may I open my heart?" Aids in achieving a deep connection with dolphins. Assists with living fully in the present moment. Brings in joy, love, and playfulness. Actually creates a field within you of being in the present moment, of being in joy, of being love. It helps you totally accept who you are. It can actually accelerate your reaching higher levels.
As you continue to evolve - Brings in a higher level of frequencies of the sound vibration of the dolphins and also the wisdom that they hold. Assists with other higher dimensional beings as well: Arcturians, Hathors, Sirians, and various planetary love vibrations.
As you evolve to an even higher vibration - Assists you in accessing multi-dimensional wisdom, knowledge, and consciousness of the Universe. $15
 Healing the Past - Assists in answering the question: "How can I overcome the pain of my past?" This is a very powerful essence for trauma. Helps in letting go of, and resolving, issues from the past - including current and past lives. Helps to access the core origination of an issue, pattern, trauma, point of pain. Assists in healing karmic issues and repatterning.
As you continue to evolve - Stepping into your divine calling, purpose, and mission. Helps heal fears of stepping into power. Helps to embrace who you are and your power. $15
Integration - Assists in answering the question: "How can I integrate the new belief systems, insights, and energies that I am experiencing? Helps to incorporate who you are, what you are here to do, your gifts and talents into your dailyexperience. Assists in integrating all the new energy frequencies coming from the earth, the stars, the planets, solar flares, etc. This essence makes the integration process a more smooth experience rather than a harsh one. This essence is perfect when you have released an old belief or trauma, experienced an energetic upgrade of any kind, or have experienced a major change - including loss.
Practitioner Advice - "As one is going through any type of transition in life, such as a relationship changing, career moves, etc., it can be used with Inner Peace or Dolphin Connection to assist in bringing more love and joy to the experience and accelerate the transition process."
As you continue to evolve - Helps to incorporate all of your knowledge, talents, and gifts into one whole. Brings in higher consciousness, unity consciousness, and more light and love within all of the bodies. Helps enhance the reconnection of all of the bodies. (Rapture is used to actually reconnect or reweave the bodies.)
As you evolve to an even higher vibration - Integrates light, love, and unity consciousness into all the bodies including the multi-dimensional bodies. $15
Manifestation - Assists in answering the question: "How can I face my attachment to lack, limitation, and victimhood?" When you are out of alignment with manifesting, it helps you get back into alignment with the manifestation process. Helps to address issues of lack and limitation. Encourages manifestation and abundance in every area of life: health, wealth, relationship, creativity, career, etc. Create an intention of what you desire as you use this. This essence assists you in manifesting your Divine worth and your Divine birthrights.
Practitioner Advice - "You could set an intention to heal the lack mentality or the lack consciousness within all of your bodies. This essence will assist you to do that."
As you continue to evolve - Assists those that are transcending between 3rd, 4th, and 5th Dimensions into the actual art and alchemical process of manifesting in all forms.
As you evolve to an even higher vibration - Assists you to be in total synchronicity with the Universe. Helps you be more masterful in the synchronicity and alchemy. $15
Motherhood - Assists in answering the question: "How can I fully embrace being a mother?" Connecting and communicating with the unborn child and any child that is wanting to come in. Supports all aspects of mothering: pregnancy, childbirth, child rearing, even relationships with adult children. Can really assist mothers who have indigo children in being a more understanding and loving mother. Can help mothers tap into how to create a supportive environment for the new indigo and crystalline children. Also very good for issues you have with "mother."
As you continue to evolve - Assists in really tapping into the energy of the Divine Feminine and the Mother - embracing and embodying those energies. Helps to be in flow and understanding at all levels with the children (not an energetic attachment or co-dependent relationship). Having an inner knowing about what the child needs. Helps release all the old paradigms, belief systems, and "shoulds" in motherhood. $15
Sensuality - Assists in answering the question, "How can I create intimacy with myself and with another?" Helps to create deeper intimacy with yourself as well as with another. Taps into the sensuality and savoring of life. It's a beautiful feeling of the creative force and of love. Helps to be much more sensual, being much more in tune with self. Enhances intimate moments. Helps bring out passion for life, for self, for another, for living, for savoring every delicious moment this life has to offer. Being in this energy brings in love, prosperity, joy, and manifestation.
Practitioner Advice - "You can take this essence with Creativity, especially within an intimate relationship."
As you continue to evolve - Creating your life out of the feeling of sensuality. Being sensuality.
As you evolve to an even higher vibration - Deepening the sensuality that you are. $15
Solar Eclipse - Aids in "eclipsing" the past and moving into the future. Helps to bridge the old self with the new self. Helps in going from darkness into light. If you feels stuck in an old pattern, it helps you move into the new way of doing something. Helps you to live more fully in the present. This essence acts like a catalyst for positive change. Works with the energies of the sun, masculine energies and taking action. Working with solar energy and solar logos. Tapping into sun energy for action and purpose guided by the Divine. Step from what you know into the unknown with confidence. Being O.K. with being in the void and creating from the void. Helps you to settle into not knowing "how" and being O.K. with that. Therefore, it is a powerful assistant for manifesting. Moving forward in faith. You believe. You know. It is so.
As you continue to evolve - Assists you in accessing multi levels of yourself.
As you evolve to an even higher vibration - Helps you access the specific dimension that is best for you to be accessing. $15
Sweet Dreams - Assists in falling asleep and having a more peaceful rest and relaxing the body. Releases physical tensions. Good for relieving stress. Helps with anxiety, insomnia, and stress. Calm and Inner Peace are also very helpful with stress.
As you continue to evolve - It helps you go into other dimensions and tap into other realities while you are sleeping. If you take this and ask to recall where you have been, the information will be available to you. $15
Three Fold Flame - Aids in activating and working with the three fold flame within - Divine Truth, Divine Power, and Divine Love. Can assist in activating the solar heart system and stepping into the three-fold flame within and becoming the Divine Truth, the Divine Power, and the Divine Love.
Practitioner Advice - "This essence works well in conjunction with a meditation infusing yourself with the three fold flame. This flame is located in the high heart (thymus gland) area and contains three separate flames. One is blue. One is yellow. One is pink."
As you continue to evolve - Operating deeper within the three fold flame.
As you evolve to an even higher vibration - You are the three fold flame. $15

Uplift - Assists in answering the question, "How can I improve my mood?" "How can I make different choices in my life? Helps to elevate mood. Good for sadness and depression. When choices are made from a negative place, they are usually not very good choices. When the mood is elevated, much better choices can be made. Lack of acceptance, judgment, anger, and grief affect the decision making process. Uplift helps you sort that out and move beyond it.
As you continue to evolve - Helps you sustain making conscious choices. $15

Awakening - canada thistle. Assists in answering the question: "Who am I? How can I become all that I Am?" Aids in awakening to spirituality and a new form of consciousness. Becoming aware that there is much more out there than you previously recognized. Awakening to new aspects of self. (Great Lakes Essence)
Practitioner Advice - "As you recognize that something within you is changing, take this essence to assist with the change."
As you continue to evolve - Total acceptance of all aspects of self. Most people don't recognize some aspects of self because they hold judgments about those qualities and aspects. An awakening to all of the Universe - All There Is. Understanding the force of the universe. An awakening into Love. Breaking out of the consciousness of fear into the consciousness of love.
As you evolve to an even higher vibration - You are the love consciousness. Continue to awaken into more expanded levels of love.
Practitioner Advice - "Take this essence along with Diamond Foundation. Foundation will lay the foundation for you to repattern and be in the imprint of the Diamond vibration." $15
Calm - morning glory. Assists in answering the question: "How do I experience more peace, harmony, and tranquility?" Tonic for nervous system, aids in breaking nervous habits, calming down and balancing your nerves, relieves depression and anxiety, heightens the senses, reduces fatigue, soothes aching joints, and reduces inflammation. Stops the jittery feeling some people experience in their legs that sometimes accompanies energy rushing through the body. (Great Lakes Essence)
As you continue to evolve - It aids the nervous system and the physical body in integrating the higher vibrations of light and love.
As you evolve to an even higher vibration - Assists in surrendering into God Consciousness. Assists all the bodies to surrender and be connected with God Consciousness. $15

Compassioncholla cactus. The blooms are an extraordinary magenta. Find compassion for all things, for yourself, for life, for the planet, for your enemies. It allows you to stop beating yourself up and judging yourself so harshly. It allows you to care without attachment and entanglement - the way love is supposed to be. (High Desert Essence) $15
Core Issues - daisy fleabane. Assists in answering the question: "What is it that's keeping me from my goal or highest potential?" It is an initiator of healing that assists you in being willing to look at the past and discover imprinting (fears, beliefs, judgments, expectations) you've received that is hindering your progress. Helps to tap into what is truly the cause of your unhappiness. Helps to look deep within so that all can be brought to the surface and be healed. (High Desert Essence) $15
Development - portulaca bud, Made under the sun and full moon. Assists in answering the question: "How can I expand into the energy of what I would like to create?" It assists with expansion, newness, starting new projects, planning, creativity, clarity, and purpose. Assists you to further develop yourself. It also assists in becoming more flexible to what is true. (Great Lakes Essence)
As you continue to evolve
- In order to consciously manifest, you must be at the vibrational level of what you desire to create. If you are constricted - meaning you are full of doubt or fear or you spend time focused on what you don't have - then you can affirm and visualize and plan and pretend forever and never receive what you desire. You must be expanded - free flowing, hopeful, and your underlying beliefs must be in alignment with what you desire - in order to attain a vibrational match to what you desire. This essence assists with that. Developing higher dimensional consciousness.
Practitioner Advice - "If you have a particular thing you are wanting to create in your life, then you can take Development with Manifestation."$15

Dreaming - english daisy bud. Assists in answering the question: "When will I feel safe, relaxed, and secure?" Can assist adults in their dream process - remembering their dreams, understanding the symbols, and dream interpretation. Also assists with Shamanic Journeys. Helps children sleep throughout the night, to have sweet dreams, helps for restless sleep, also when there are nightmares.This essence is excellent for the indigo and crystal children. It will help them feel safe in this 3rd dimensional world. (Great Lakes Essence)
As you continue to evolve
- Can assist you in learning to lucid dream or conscious dreaming. Can also assist in going into a very deep meditative state.$15
Feelings - morning glory. Assists in answering the question: "How do I truly feel at this moment about ____ (you fill in the blank)?" "Why don't I want to feel _____?" Deals with the emotional body. Also deals with the mental body because the ego makes decisions based on the past. Opens up your feelings. Makes you aware of negative emotions that you are holding on to and not expressing. Aids you in expressing your feelings where in the past you have shut your feelings down. Helps in the release of long held negative emotions such as anger and fear. Provides a safe place for deep-seated emotions to surface. (High Desert Essence)
As you continue to evolve
- Assists in tapping into the feminine energies and intuition. When there is balance between the masculine and feminine energies, the heart is open, and you become more co-creative and compassionate.
As you evolve to an even higher vibration - Can actually experience what higher dimensions feels like in the human body. Helps you to understand what it feels like to live in the consciousness of Love and Unity. If you can feel it, then you can access it any time you choose.
If you desire to know what it feels like to "be" in Unity with Source, or feel Love Consciousness, etc., then with intention and using the essence Feelings, you can actually access what it feels like to be in those states. It is perfect for individuals committed to living in the presence of Love. $15
Feminine Arts - trumpet lily moon, made under the full moon (for both men and women). Assists in answering the question: "How can I embrace all aspects of the feminine energies?" Assists with spirituality, feminine aspects and qualities of the Universe. Come into a more holistic way of living and creating. Accepting the feminine aspects of self. Helps with nurturance, nurturing self, self healing, opening to the gift of hands on healing and intuitive abilities. For a woman it helps to embrace the true vibration of femininity versus the paradigms of the patriarchal system. For a man it helps them break through the expectations they have of women because of the patriarchal system and ancestral history they hold. It allows them to acknowledge and accept the feminine in its true vibration and to embrace their own feminine side. (Great Lakes Essence)
As you continue to evolve - Assists in learning the co-creative process of the Feminine Energies.
As you evolve to an even higher vibration - Deepening of the experience of The Mother. $15

Golden Balance - sunflower Assists in answering the question: "How can I bring more balance into my life?" Helps to bring the various bodies and energies into balance. When you are in balance you will be in the energy of love and compassion thus increasing caring for self and others. Once they are in balance, the golden ray contained within this essence helps to manifest abundance. Helps to resolve any issues, energy blocks, and limitations that keep you out of balance and that have prevented abundance and prosperity. Assists in resolving any father / masculine energy issues (High Desert Essence)
As you continue to evolve
- Assists in creating a connection between the 3rd eye and the golden ray of the Universe allowing for a higher perspective of seeing with the consciousness of unity or oneness. Helps connect the 3rd eye to the Solar Heart.
As you evolve to an even higher vibration - You merge fully with the golden ray. $15
Harmony - petunia bud. Assists in answering the question: "How can I bring more harmony and peace into my life?" Assists in harmonizing all of the bodies and all of the chakras, which allows wholeness. Helps to bring harmony into relationships, in co-creation with others, family and work relationships, business partnerships. Helps in healing the past and family wounds. May assist in stabilizing blood sugar. (Great Lakes Essence)
Practitioner Advice - "This essence assists in harmonizing relationships even if only one of the people involved is taking the essence. As you shift your vibration it brings the other person along or leaves them behind."
As you continue to evolve
- Assists in harmonizing sound, longevity, rejuvenation, learning language, creativity, enhances unique gifts,
As you evolve to an even higher vibration - Assists in harmonizing all of your energies to be in the vibrational of love. $15
Healing - shasta daisy. Assists in answering the question: "Why doesn't my life work?" Helps to uncover the aspects of self that are out of alignment or balance. Helps to discover the core cause of dis-eases in one's life and physical ailments. Once uncovered, it helps to heal what is out of alignment. It is a playful energy. Healing doesn't have to be hard. It assists in taking the struggle out of healing. Can really help someone suddenly faced with the need for healing. (Great Lakes Essence)
As you continue to evolve
- Aligns the mental, causal, emotional, and spiritual bodies. $15
Heart's Passion - california fuscia. Assists in answering the question: "How can I accomplish what my heart truly desires?" Helps to connect your mind and your heart so they work together. Make decisions from a holistic viewpoint, not just the logical mind. Encourages creativity. For times of anxiety, helps to open up to your creative/intuitive side. Aids in magnifying attraction. Allows one to feel passion for life. Helps to feel more peaceful and in flow. Assists with having a heart knowing about what actions to take. (Mountain Essence)
Practitioner Advice - "If a person is used to creating through power and control, then creating from the heart is a very new experience. Working with Healing the Past along with Heart's Passion will assist them in moving through those issues and creating by following intuitive guidance and experiencing synchronicity."
As you continue to evolve - Amplifies the passion, the energy, the creativity of creating from the Solar Heart.
As you evolve to an even higher vibration - Being total passion, joy, love, and creativity. Brings in all aspects of the universe from the place of prosperity within love. $15

Highest Potential -fleabane. Assists in answering the question: "How do I experience more balance and greater connection with the Divine to achieve my greatest potential?" Helps to release blocks and stagnations in the mental and emotional bodies that limit spiritual growth. Aids in releasing toxins in the body especially excretory organs. Great for lightening up and viewing the world through the eyes of a playful child and God consciousness. (Seeing ourselves and the world as God see us - already perfect). Helps to release judgments of self and others, where you are in life, and what you do. Helps to get over what you think you should have done, accomplished, experienced, etc. Assists someone with self-doubt and aids in self-acceptance. Helps to forgive self and others. After releasing and forgiving, you are able to achieve your highest potential. Brings joy. (Sacred Mountain Essence)
As you continue to evolve
- Helps to step into Spiritual Maturity. Learn to be more responsible with energy, more discerning of people and situations. You understand divine timing and divine order. An acceptance and embodiment of Universal Laws.
As you evolve to an even higher vibration - You step further into your mastery. You interact with ascended beings, ascended masters, with God. You are in total co-creation and play with the Universe. $15
Inner Child - Assists in answering the question: "How can I bring the innocence of the child back within?" This is a sweet essence. It is designed to help discover and release childhood wounds. Helps to connect back into the innocence and playfulness of the child. Also helps bring aspects of the child that have been lost back in - similar to soul retrieval. The wounded child will feel safe with this essence in coming out and exposing itself to the wound and being able to communicate about the wound and heal it. (Sacred Mountain Essence)
Practitioner Advice - "Combine this essence with Dolphin Connection so that the love, the joy, and the nurturance of the dolphins is even more pronounced. This will aid even more in the inner child feeling safe."
As you continue to evolve - Bridges the gap between working and playing. When you are in a childlike space it helps you tap into the creative force.
As you evolve to an even higher vibration - Completely seeing with the innocence of a child. $15
Inner Peace - alpine smelowskia. Assists in answering the question: "How can I live in truth versus drama?" It is very calming and centering. Take it regularly to maintain balance. Brings in calmness, tranquility, knowing that everything is in right order, that you are on track. Aids when there is a death of a person or of some part of yourself or way of life and you wish to be reborn. Anyone who is energetically shifting quickly, it helps them keep their feet on the ground. Helps maintain balance and connectedness. Helps with mood swings including Bi-polar. Also helps for those who are depressed. Assists in calming down mood swings due to moving between 3rd and higher dimensions. It helps the Indigo and Crystal Children with the idea that its O.K. to be here. They can be at peace that they are here. They still may not fit in, but it helps them be O.K. with that. It calms them down enough that they can center and focus their energy instead of having it so scattered.(Mountain Essence)
Practitioner Advice - "Indigo and Crystal children might find it beneficial to take Inner Peace during the day and Dreaming right before bed."
Takara's Note - "I've found that when my son gets out of balance and upset about something, Inner Peace helps him regain balance very quickly. Some days he needs it a couple of times. Other days he doesn't need it at all."
As you continue to evolve - It helps your bodies align with the higher dimensions. Helps Star Beings who are now in human bodies accept that they are here on a mission, with a purpose, and its O.K. to be here. $15

Intuition - morning glory bud. Assists in answering the question: "Can I trust my intuition in making decisions in life?" Assists with sensitivity. Heightens senses. Heightens the sixth sense. Heightens intuition. Helps to trust your own inner guidance or knowingness. Reduces fatigue. Soothes aching joints and reduces inflammation. This essence helps bring in flexibility and acceptance. (Great Lakes Essence)
As you continue to evolve - Assists in answering the question: "Can I trust myself with this new awareness and responsibility?" Assists with universal connectedness that allows telepathic communication. Assists in connecting the Solar Heart, 3rd eye, crown, and higher dimensional chakras.
As you evolve to an even higher vibration - Helps to expand the universal connectedness. $15
Joy - marigold bud. Assists in answering the question: "How can I bring more magic, play, and de-light into my life?" Brings the light of joy and sunshine into your life. Can lighten even your darkest moments. Used for sadness. Brings a ray of hope. (Great Lakes Essence)
As you continue to evolve - Create from a place of joy. Really helps people who have big missions and a lot on their plate. Helps you to stay in joy as you create, take actions, and interact with life each day. Releases the feeling of overwhelm and the burden of responsibility that some people feel. $15
Knowledge - shasta daisy bud. Assists in answering the question: "What do I need to know to accomplish _____ (you fill in the blank)?" For those who seek wisdom. Good for learning and experiencing on all levels. Works with the emotional body and brings you out of the doldrums. Helps the mental body with judgment and belief that you are not smart enough, not worthy, not deserving to know something. Being in touch with what it feels like "to know." (Great Lakes Essence)
As you continue to evolve - Takes the fear, burden, and past life traumas out of remembering the knowledge and using the power.
As you evolve to an even higher vibration - Helps to expand you into the all knowing. $15
Lightness - english daisy. Assists in answering the question: "How can my life be less serious and more simple and more playful?" "How can I ever do all this?" Brings bliss. For not taking things so seriously. (Great Lakes Essence)
As you continue to evolve - A great way for star beings to reconnect with the lightness and bliss of "home." Blissfulness. As you evolve to an even higher vibration - Being in total bliss. Samhadi. $15

Ordination - Assists in answering the question: "Can I Live my truth?" Opens connection and communication with Creator with a focus on tapping into your souls purpose and mission. Helps to find and journey on your path of service to humanity. Helps you own up to who you are and what you came here to do. Wherever you have beliefs that are out of alignment with the Truth of God, this essence assists you in alleviating any God related issues: Lack of Trust in God and yourself, the lack of worthiness to be of service, lack of faith and belief in yourself and God. Once you are through these God issues, you suddenly feel "ordained" in doing your mission. You step into your service, your path, your mission, and your purpose. It gives you the foundation and confidence to stand in your Truth and go forward in your mission. Confidence in God. Confidence in yourself. An inner knowing that what you are doing is right on. (Sacred Mountain Essence)
As you continue to evolve - Deeper understanding and knowing of God's presence and co-creating with God. Allows you to step more fully into the presence of what God has ordained you to do this lifetime.
As you evolve to an even higher vibration - Expands and allows you to feel more deeply the knowing and embodiment of your mission. $15
Personal Power - trumpet lily. Assists in answering the question: "How do I step into my power and become more powerful in my life?" Assists you in seeing anywhere you have issues around power - why you are fearful of your own power, fearful of having power, fearful of the power of others, recognizing the misuse of power. Aids in understanding energy in general and what true power is versus power over or power and control. Assists with personal power, inner strength, assertiveness, confidence, standing firm in Truth, boundaries, conscious use of energy. Discerning and understanding when you are giving power away, areas in which you don't think you have power, and where you lack power. Responsibility and discernment about power and proper use of power. (Great Lakes Essence)
As you continue to evolve - Helps you claim your power. You are in your power center. Love of self, being empowered, etc., you no longer let outside forces take you out of your centered and balanced place. You no longer have to be a victim of outside forces - including sensitivity to subtle or negative energy. When you are completely in Love, nothing outside of you can negatively affect you. You become more sensitive and attuned to your own personal power and what true power is about.
As you evolve to an even higher vibration - You have merged with Universal power and it deepens and expands your sense of power. $15

Purity rose – allows you to gently and comfortably purify your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. It is a great essence to take prior to energy work, as you are processing and releasing anything, prior to an initiation or upgrade in energy of any kind. Anytime you feel sluggish, congested, or stuck, it helps bring you into a more loving and purified place. (High Desert Essence) $15
Quiet Place Within - queen ann's lace. Assists in answering the question: "How can I access that place within myself of inner silence and knowing? Extremely helpful for meditation. Good for focusing and calming the mind. Good for anyone who has trouble meditating. It helps calm the mind to make meditation easier. It slows down the nervous system and the brainwaves enough that you can access a deeper level of meditation - a slower brainwave. Aids in listening and receiving clear information, which allows you to make better decisions. (Great Lakes Essence)
As you continue to evolve - Activates the pineal gland. Helps you to go to a higher state of consciousness, expanded awareness, and deeper connectedness.
As you evolve to an even higher vibration - Assists you in accessing multi-dimensions and create and play within those dimensions - access information, access energy. You can "feel" what it feels like in the physical body to be in a particular dimension. $15
Rapture - cactus and rose together. It offers bliss. It helps you to savor each moment, glorify in the magnificence of who you are and how your life is. It is union and oneness of body, mind and spirit. The feeling is both intoxicating and exhilarating. (High Desert Essence) $15
Reclaiming Power - rose bud. Assists in answering the question: "How can I reclaim my power?" This is a very powerful essence to fully embody who you are and your true power. You are much more powerful than you have ever imagined. The essence Personal Power is more about dealing with power issues - how it works, what it means to misuse it, how true power is very different than power over. Reclaiming Power is for reclaiming your true power and becoming the empowered individual that you can be. This essence greatly assists in reclaiming the Divine or True power that comes from Love. (Great Lakes Essence)
As you continue to evolve - The Crown Chakra is directly connected with Source and purity of Source (God) power. It is overlighted by the Divine Feminine energy. Golden white light column to the crown chakra with a pink hew around it. If you have lost aspects of self through power issues, you reclaim those lost aspects or soul parts. $15

Solar Initiation - pacific silverweed. Assists in answering the question, "What resistance, anxieties and frustrations am I willing to release?" Like being in the warm sun, warms the body and the soul. Step into the glory of the sun and be supported by the Sun to expand into your full power. Helps to connect the heart, mind, and soul with the support of the Divine. Perfect for cloudy days or when you work indoors with no windows or during the rainy season. Good for merging with sun and heat. Good during hot flashes. (Sacred Mountain Essence)
As you continue to evolve - Helps connect with galactic center and the energy of the sun. Step into connecting at a higher level the heart, mind, and soul with Galactic Center. Helps support the Solar Heart system. Helps take it to higher and higher levels of consciousness and expanded awareness and making decisions from that place.
As you evolve to an even higher vibration - Work in multi-dimensions and are connected to Galactic Center. $15

Soul's Purpose - nasturtium. Assists in answering the question, "Who am I and what am I here to do? Helps to explore and discover more about your purpose and mission. Gets to the essence of what your mission is, how to bring it forth, where to go with it. Helps to calm the overwhelm one feels when their True mission is revealed to them. Helps you to discover the next step to take and then the next and then the next. You can take this repeatedly over time as you feel it is needed.
Practitioner Advice - "Can take this with Highest Potential which will help to reveal and heal any resistance you experience in relation to fulfilling your mission."
As you continue to evolve - Helps to reveal the higher dimensional aspects of your mission. Helps to integrate higher aspects of self for fulfilling the mission. Can take with Integration to assist with this.
As you evolve to an even higher vibration - Helps to expand and become even more of your true mission - walking, breathing, embodying who you are and what you came here to do. $15
Star of Truth - mickelmas daisy. Laser like focus on the real truth of any situation. Very illuminating. Will reveal any discord. You will see everything with new eyes. It assists you to surrender to the Truth. It helps the ego let go of its resistance, of the need to be right, of how it thinks things should be, being attached to outcomes or the result. Begin to be the fullness of who you are. (High Desert Essence)
As you continue to evolve - Will reveal the source of discord. Completely in a place of surrender and merging with Divine will. The star that you are continues to grow brighter and brighter.
As you evolve to an even higher vibration - You become the star. A being of Light emanating love to the world. $15
Strength - impatiens bud. Assists in answering the question: "Do I have the strength to face what I need to face, to go on? Can I persevere?" Assists with being vibrant and alive. Increases or magnifies any other purpose or vibration. Works synergistically with other essences to enhance their effectiveness. Helps for staying committed, continuing, and completing things. Helps you to not give up. Gives you the strength to look at what is working and what isn't working in your life. Good for loneliness. Help when little ones have to be away from mom. Good for fear of abandonment. Helps indigo and crystal children have the strength to withstand the outside pressure and influences. Gives them the strength to stay in the truth of who they are. In times of stress and not being sure of who they are, this is the perfect essence. (Bud Essence)
Practitioner Advice - "By combining Strength and Star of Truth the indigo child gets to see the Truths. Those people in the child's life don't necessarily understand the child and they are doing the best they can. Helps them realize where people are and have more tolerance and acceptance of self and others."
As you continue to evolve - Standing in the strength of who you are.
As you evolve to an even higher vibration - You are completely in a pillar of strength. $15
Summer Sunshine - golden aster. Assists in answering the question: "How can I have more hope and joy in my life? Brings in fun and joy. It is great for children. Brings a ray of hope. Bright and lively. Awakens your spirit and brings joy. Light and warm. Assists in opening to good things in life and seeing the lighter side of things. Assists in getting through the Dark Night of the Soul and deep levels of depression. Helps you get clear about the dreams you truly desire. Shines light on your life and dreams. Helps children understand that life doesn't have to be so serious. It can be much more playful than many people make it. Also helps children get clear about their true dreams and desires. (High Desert Essence)
As you continue to evolve - Assists in finding and clarifying your dreams and desires.
As you evolve to an even higher vibration - You are living in the light and sunshine. You are living your dreams and desires. $15
Thriveprickly pear cactus – greatly assists in acclimating to high and dry environments like that of Northern New Mexico. It helps you thrive in any circumstance regardless of the level of hardship. It can greatly assist the new children who are sensitive to different energies. It helps them thrive regardless of circumstances as well. It strengthens the energy field. I love this essence and use it often. (High Desert Essence) $15
Transcendence - indian apple (datura). Assists in answering the question: "How can I transcend (rise above) this situation? Associated with 7th chakra. Good for transcending circumstances, fear, ego. Helps open the 7th chakra to let more light in and assists the body in being open to receiving the light. Enhances the pineal and pituitary glands so they secrete what is necessary to allow the light to infuse within it. Helps a person in their willingness to learn the lessons that circumstances have to offer. (Sacred Mountain Essence)
As you continue to evolve - A symbol of purity and oneness with Creator. Helps to transform dense or old vibrations into higher vibrations. You come back into purity of state.
As you evolve to an even higher vibration - The entire pranic tube is activated and you are living, breathing love and light. $15
Uniqueness - petunia. Assists in answering the question: "Am I willing to accept who I am and my uniqueness?" Really accepting yourself as the unique being that you are. Assists those that feel they don't fit in to truly accept themselves for who they are. Helps bring in true friendships, acceptance of others. Assists in understanding the other kingdoms of the world. Stabilizes blood sugar. (Great Lakes Essence)
As you continue to evolve - Once you have accepted your uniqueness, it assists you in understanding and deepening your gifts. $15

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