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Issue 131 - Releasing and Letting Go

Debbie "Takara" Shelor's free on-line newsletter ezine designed to assist you in becoming the magnificent being you are inside, to experience Joy, and to gracefully handle whatever changes and opportunities life may bring.

In addition to the newsletter, periodically Takara sends a special message with another gift, information about a product she feels you might enjoy, or a special discount on products or services made available exclusively to her subscribers.

Read Here's to Your Magnificence with Debbie Takara Shelor on-line for live links and to hear beautiful uplifting music.

In This Issue:

Marine Meditation and Golden Water Dolphin Meditation
Relationships ~ Releasing and Letting Go
Using Dancing Dolphin Energy Healing Products with a Group You Are Facilitating
Ideas for the Holidays
Coming Up


It is such a joy to connect with you today.

I trust that all is well in your world.

Read these words with an open heart.

May you feel love. May you experience peace. May you rise up in your fullness and stand in your Truth. May you walk in beauty and strength. May you recognize the subtle hints from the Universe and follow them with courage. May you recognize the fears of man and evolve beyond them. May you know who you are and your role in this world.

You are reading this online newsletter along with thousands of subscribers from over 100 countries around the globe.

Blessings to each of you. It is a great honor to be the messenger.

My Intention: It is my desire to help you become empowered to regain your own magnificence by reading about my journey, experiences, and insights. Keep what works for you and throw out the rest. It's time to go from ordinary to extraordinary in every area of your life.

A Blessing Before We Begin: May you be blessed in the radiance of The One. May you find peace, joy, and upliftment in the words and energies that accompany this message. Take a slow deep breath. Focus on your heart and give thanks for this moment.

May these words bring positive transformation to every aspect of your life.

The Golden Water Dolphin Meditation for Planetary Healing and the Global Marine Meditation

If you participated in the meditations at Fall Equinox, we would love for you to share your experience.

Visit the Global Dolphin Meditation page to leave your story. (scroll about half way down the page for the comment box)

Painful Relationships ~ Releasing and Letting Go

I was recently contacted by a guy who asked if I worked with couples.

When you work with a couple, you can either work with them individually, or together, or include some of both.

When I began asking him questions about the specific situation, it turned out that she wasn't on board with it. He wanted me to work with him and the higher self of his former wife. He wants to get back together and she doesn't.

That's called manipulation. And whether it is done energetically ~ as this scenario is suggesting ~ or mentally / emotionally, it is something to avoid at all costs.

Energetic manipulation will get you in more hot water than you can ever imagine. There is a reason that those who practice black magic and other forms of energetic manipulation end up dying horrible deaths.

The law of cause and effect ensures that what you do to another will come back at you, sometimes 100 fold.

If you've ever watched the Star Wars Saga, you see how beautifully George Lucas addresses this. Anakin Skywalker, also known as Darth Vader, had a dream or something that he was going to lose his beloved, Padme. He was seduced by the Dark Lord who told him if he would only turn to the dark side and all it's power, he could cheat death. So he agreed to become a dark apprentice. He was told to slay all the young Jedi children at the school. Padme was so distraught by what Anakin had done that she banished him forever and she died giving birth to their twins.

Even though he turned to the dark side to save her, it was actually his turning to the dark side that killed her. And you saw what he turned into. His anger and hatred literally ate him alive ~ turning him into a physically mutilated and mentally warped individual.

In the end, however, he received a mortal wound while killing the dark lord and saving his own son. LOVE is the strongest power in the Universe. According to Lucas, the whole point of the Star Wars Saga is the redemption of Anakin Skywalker.

(An image posted on Facebook)

I feel for the man who called me. He is hurting and in emotional pain. Energetically manipulating his wife into loving him again is not the answer.

Healing the pain of the past is the answer. Moving on with your life is the answer.

Now that I'm 50, I can laughingly say that I've dated many men in my day. I've had numerous long term relationships, including a 10 year marriage, as well as a seemingly endless number of short-term relationships.

As I've reflected on those and healed the painful one's, I discovered something very interesting that I'm sure will help you as well. The one's that seem the most painful, that were not yet healed until I specifically addressed them, were the one's that were not ended by me.

If you have dated someone, or even been married, and for whatever reason you decided it needed to end, you made that decision and you ended the relationship. You probably didn't come to the decision lightly. It was probably something you thought about, mulled over, perhaps even agonized over, for quite some time. When you actually took the steps necessary to end the relationship it was complete for you.

You still might have wounds and pain. But it is nothing compared to the ones that ended unexpectedly by someone else.

When you are in love and suddenly the other person no longer loves you . . . wow is it hard. One moment you were in love and connected to this other person, enjoying their company, their attention, their intimacy. And now, they are gone. It can be devestating. And in many cases it is not ever fully healed. There was no completion for you.

Those are the relationships that need some serious attention and healing.

You can feel many things after a scenario like that: rejection, betrayal, unloved, not good enough, angry, victimized . . . the list just goes on. Unless those negative emotions, and the beliefs you created about men (or women) and relationships are permanently healed, the relationships you have after those will be less than what they could be because of your emotional wounds.

You draw to yourself what you are energetically. If you are emotionally wounded, the person you draw to yourself in relationship will likely be emotionally wounded as well. You are like magnets magically drawn to one another. Two wrongs do not make a right no matter how you do the math.

The best way to have a great relationship is to heal your fears, emotional wounds, and limiting beliefs about relationship. Then you are vibrating healthy loving energies. And what you will draw to yourself will be a much healthier, happier relationship.

I'm developing a whole new line of Dancing Dolphin Blends called Dolphin Formulas. Dolphin Formula #6 is designed to assist you with a broken heart ~ emotional pain from a relationship that ended and left you emotionally wounded. Get Yours Now!


Using Dancing Dolphin Energy Healing Products with a Group You are Leading or Facilitating

"Takara's essences are amazing! We've used them in large groups of people and they really seem to assist in the frequency shifting experience, adding even more vitality and loving energy to the consciously encoded sounds we either listen to or create."
- Jonathan Goldman, Internationally renowned pioneer in Sound Healing

Dancing Dolphin is the perfect addition to any group, ceremony, meditation circle, or workshop.

There are so many wonderful choices to assist in raising the vibration, getting into a more receptive state, calming, centering, grounding, protecting, anchoring in the energy, and so much more.

Visit this link for ways I suggest you use the products with a group.

Perfect Holiday Gifts for the One's You Love

For any of the gift suggestions below, if you want it sent with a card from you and to have the invoice sent to you and not them, just let us know ~ either in the comments box with the order, or in a separate email to me.

Custom Blends

Nothing says I love you more than a personalized gift. Dancing Dolphin Custom Blends are created personally by me specifically for each special person in your life. Regardless of who they are and what they are facing, I can create a Dancing Dolphin Custom Blend that will support them and help them to feel uplifted ~ and loved.

Visit this link to order one or more custom blends for your loved ones.


Everyone I know who loves to dowse, also loves pendulums. They are a bit like having a new pair of earrings or working with crystals. You want to use the one that feels right today. They each come in a gift box.

Visit this link to order the perfect pendulums for your friends

Gift Certificates

Can't decide what to get? We offer gift certificates in varying dollar amounts. Your friends and family get to choose what they desire themselves.

Order a gift certificate for your friends this holiday season

Coming Up

Unless you only recently joined my mailing list, you probably haven't heard from me in awhile.

When I'm writing books, I find it hard to find the time to write articles. Since I'm working on several books simultaneously, I've completely lost track of time.

Peering Through the Veil, my eBook on meditation, is being completely rewritten. Since it won an award, I decided to take another look. It has been 10 years since the original was written and much has changed. I've more than doubled the amount of information it contains about many forms of meditation. I've also added numerous personal stories and experiences. And I've included several additional chapters not previously covered on topics such as pilgrimage, brain wave states, binaural beats, group meditations, isochronic tones, earth based spirituality, and much more. This book will be in print very soon.

The recordings are almost finished as well. The book will come with a guided meditation MP3. I will also be offering an upgrade to the book which includes the new Meditation Essence and several guided meditations.

As soon as that is finished, I will be completing the book and on line training program, Dowsing for Divine Direction, on dowsing with a pendulum. So many of you have asked for this training, I'm sure you will be as excited as I am when it is finally available.

The New Dance series is coming along nicely. The first two books are each about 3/4 complete. I am so excited and proud of this new work. I can't wait to share it with you.

In addition to writing, I've been a mad scientist in the laboratory creating over 30 new gem essences. They are so new, I don't yet have them available on the website.

Now that I've added the energy of the violet flame, the essence of lightening, and all these new gem essences to the energies I can use for making blends, I'm now able to create several blends I've been wanting to create for a very long time.

I'm finishing the formulas for the new Dolphin line. These are essences designed specifically to address some very heavy issues like betrayal, trauma, sexual abuse, and much more.

Have a deLightful day,


If you enjoyed this article, you'll LOVE Takara's 7 Secrets eBook (Get Yours Below!)

Copyright (c) Forchianna L.L.C.

About the Author:

Debbie "Takara" Shelor is a #1 bestselling author, award-winning transformational speaker, engineer, and consultant. She provides tools, training, and support to authors, teachers, coaches, group leaders, and other individuals who are tired of feeling stuck and are ready to catapult themselves and their clients into high gear both personally and professionally. She acts as a catalyst of radical positive change for both individuals and organizations. She is the creator of Dancing Dolphin Energy Healing Aromatherapy Products and many other high vibration technologies. Her free email newsletter, Here's to Your Magnificence, is read by several thousand people from around the globe. She offers consulting, energy healing sessions, and teaches transformational seminars online, on land and at sea. She can be contacted at Get your FREE 7 Secrets to Dancing Through Life EmPOWERed, EnRICHed, and Living in Joy eBook and learn to catapult your own life into high gear to be more healthy, happy, and successful as you define success.

Off-line Editors: You are welcome and encouraged to use any of our articles as long as they remain in their entirety, unchanged, and include the copyright and bio information above. Please email us with where and when you will be publishing. Thanks.

On-Line Editors: You have our permission to link to any of our articles, pages, or blogs. However, you must get written permission from Takara if you wish to republish our material anywhere on the internet. Contact her at takara at magnificentu dot com.


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