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Debbie Takara Shelor

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Your Passion is Calling

Somewhere deep inside you lives a grand passion - a passion for life and for living and for making a difference to others and the planet as a whole. Everyone has a grand mission they are here to accomplish. Even if you spend your entire life trying to avoid it, in the end it will find you. And until you begin to pursue that mission - your destiny - you will never feel completely satisfied or fulfilled. I believe there is at least one thing that you can love so much and be so passionate about that it borders on obsession. I believe that is your destiny. It is ALWAYS something that really makes you happy.

Most humans are searching desperately for something. There is a gaping hole inside that must be filled. The pursuit of material wealth, recognition, and many other things are an attempt to fill the hole inside. There is the feeling that something big is missing. Addictions are often used to distract us or numb us from feeling the emptiness.

My former husband, Raven, says "We are only here for two things: to raise our vibration (meaning growing personally and spiritually) and to give back to humanity." These are the only things that can satisfactorily and permanently replace the feeling of inner emptiness.

When you discover and begin to pursue your mission, your life is changed forever. Suddenly your mind becomes focused on what it is you wish to accomplish. You become very creative. People that can assist you seem to magically appear. You wake up excited because you have something important to do today. When you get passionate about something your outlook is more positive, your health improves, and you feel good about yourself and your life. This type of passion is vital for your soul.

Raven and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary at our last sweat lodge ceremony on July 7th. We lived together for a year before getting married. So for the last 4 years I've watched Raven and tried to discover what he's truly passionate about. He's very good at a lot of things and enjoys many things in life. He greatly enjoys teaching adolescents at a private school. He is a very gifted teacher and practitioner of martial arts. Based on the feedback we've been getting from the sweat lodge ceremonies he's been leading, he is a very powerful and intuitive ceremonial leader. He has focused his attention with great interest on each of these areas for brief periods of time, but none of them have ever "driven" him for an extended period. None of them seems like "the reason he is here."

Miraculously the search for a project he can pursue that is driven by passion seems to be over. It all started with a camping trip to Taos. Through a truly bizarre set of circumstances we ended up staying at a particular campground. What started out as an innocent conversation with the owner to get us checked in has turned out to be a date with destiny.

Meeting this one man has changed his life and he's now headed in an entirely new direction. He's starting a Non-profit to send teams of people to Honduras (and later to other countries) to provide first aid and CPR training to teachers. Why? Because they don't even know basic first aid and little children often die from relatively minor accidents because no one knows "first response" procedures. As an example, a little three-year-old girl fell off a teeter-totter. No one knew how to look for vital signs, etc., so they simply took her to her grandfather's house where she later died. Preventing things like that is something Raven can get very passionate about. Ken, the man that owns the campground in Taos, has built a medical clinic and an orphanage in Honduras and has used only his own funds.

How do you know when you're on the right track?

First of all it will be something you really ENJOY doing. It will easily hold your interest. When I first met Raven he had just arrived in the U.S. from a 6-month visit to Central America and Mexico. He talked a lot about wanting to do something for the people there.

You will also probably have some natural ability or acquired skill already related to it. Before Raven was a Teacher, he was a Police Officer. And before that he was a Registered Nurse. All three professions offer skills beneficial for this mission.

Also, there will be a lot of fluidity around it. For example, one of the things needed is First Aid and CPR training materials in Spanish. Ken asked Raven if he could look into how to get them. So, Raven made a few phone calls one day. Not only did the Red Cross have the Spanish training materials, but they were changing to a new version and had several copies of everything that were now going to be obsolete. The very next day Raven got a call saying "If you want this stuff you better come and get it now because they are about to throw it all out." So, in just two days, he had actually acquired the necessary training materials. He decided he should renew his First Aid and CPR training. In less than a week he had taken the refresher course.

The universe will supply you with the people needed to do the things you can't do. Raven has never created a non-profit organization before. Gee, guess what? I have. So, I hooked him up with the lawyer that helped me and he already has the necessary paperwork and everything needed to make all the legal decisions required. He made one call to a guy who just set up another non-profit and he was able to get in touch with a grant writer. They made an appointment to see each other. Raven and I were invited to a vegan dinner recently. We were delighted to discover that one of the other guests was the grant writer he was scheduled to meet with in a few days.

That doesn't mean when you discover and begin to pursue your mission there won't be challenges. Anytime you step out of your comfort zone and try something new, you end up having to face your fears. It's the only way to grow. The fears you experience under these circumstances are the same ones that have run your whole life and stopped you in the past. It's a fabulous opportunity to finally rid yourself of them. Moving beyond a particular fear is MUCH EASIER if you are passionately committed to something.

So, what are you passionate about?

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